Fall 2017 | Wed PM Women's Bible Study
Every week on Wednesday until Nov 8, 2017 from 7:00p to 8:00p
Organizer: Randi Frucci

Fall 2017 | Wed PM Women's Bible Study
NOTHING BUT SMOKE - A Study of Ecclesiastes
How do we find meaning, joy, and purpose in life? Is it financial success? A fat bank account, good credit, and frequent flier miles? Is it wisdom? Self-help books, podcasts, and heady blog posts? 
Is it pleasure? Happy hours, suburbia block parties, and bounce houses? 

King Solomon, the author of Ecclesiastes, owned, possessed, and experienced everything the world had to offer. At the end of his full life, he realized it was all “nothing but smoke”. 

The Old Testament wisdom book of Ecclesiastes has been described as the “back door of faith”; it deals with the deepest questions that rip through our souls and don’t always feel welcomed at the faith’s front door. Ecclesiastes is honest, gritty realism pointing us to only one conclusion: 

Apart from God, there can be no true meaning, joy, or purpose. Everything we chase after is nothing but smoke. 

NOTHING BUT SMOKE - A Study of Ecclesiastes
written by Kris Murphy

Childcare available birth and up; home school study room available


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