CM: Ignite Kids
Every week on Wednesday until Mar 28, 2018 from 6:00p to 8:00p
Organizer: Christy McCallum

Ignite Kids! offers children in 1st-5th grade an amazing opportunity to grow in both discipleship and a skill, while encouraging community with other kids.  Children choose one discipleship option and one skill option each school year (from August to March).

Wednesdays from 6:00pm – 7:50pm

The spring semester dates are Wednesday, 1/17/18 to Wednesday, 3/28/18.

$20 per child (includes all supplies, reference materials, and the end of year party)

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Each child will select one discipleship option and one skill option for the school year.  Skill classes meet during the first part of the evening from 6:00-6:45pm.

Glory Moves – 3rd-5th grade:  This class for girls focuses on the heart of the dancer as a worshiper, training both the body and spirit as they learn to minister to others through God-centered dance.  *Dancers in this class will have an opportunity to perform twice during the school year.  Dancers will purchase one costume (an additional $40 cost) and one pair of shoes (Tan Gore Jazz Shoes), which will be used for both performances.

Joy Jam – 1st-5th grade:  This program concentrates on teaching children how to praise God with singing and helps children learn to be true worshipers from the inside out.

Skit Kids – 3rd-5th grade:  These young actors will practice beginning acting skills and script reading.  Our spring semester will afford your children the opportunity to perform in front of an audience of their peers.

B.I.G. Time (Boys Ignited by God) – 3rd-5th grade:  This discovery class for boys will host a variety of outdoor activities.  Those may include fishing, craftsmanship, marksmanship, and assorted games teaching spiritual life lessons along the way.


Each child will select one discipleship option and one skill option for the school year.  Discipleship classes meet during the second part of the evening from 6:45-7:50pm.

Skills, Drills and Thrills – 1st-3rd grade:  Skills, Drills and Thrills is a program designed for 1st – 3rd graders to train children to hide God’s word in their hearts.  This introductory class teaches kids how to navigate the Bible, memorize Bible verses, and learn the books of the Bible through games, lessons, and more!

Bible Drill – 4th-5th grade:   The Bible Drill discipleship path is a dynamic program in which children will memorize 25 verses, 10 key passages and the names of all 66 books of the Bible.  It is essential that parents partner with the child to learn the material. In addition to practice time, please pray, motivate, and encourage your child as he/she memorizes God’s Word. Children will have the opportunity to compete at an associational and state level during the spring semester.

A Drill Bible is required for this class ($13) and is available for purchase during registration.

Discover 4 Yourself and Level UP – 4th-5th grade:  We are excited to offer this new discipleship path!  During the fall semester, children will take the Discover 4 Yourself class and during the spring semester, children will take the Level UP course.

Discover 4 Yourself introduces the basics of inductive Bible study, observation, interpretation, and application. As kids learn about people in the Bible, the way things were done in biblical times, the amazing miracles performed, and numerous terrific adventures found in the Bible, they will discover that God’s Word speaks to them right where they are today.

Kids are not merely the leaders of tomorrow; they can have a measurable impact on the Kingdom right now! In Level UP, kids learn foundational biblical leadership truths as they develop their imaginations and put creative thinking into action. They will also work together to design a service project that impacts a real need in the community.

Case for Christ: for Kids and Apologetics for Kids – 4th-5th grade:  This discipleship path will provide age-appropriate answers to tough questions that kids ask about God, Jesus, faith, grace, creation, and the Bible.  During the fall semester, children will take the Case for Christ for Kids class and during the spring semester, children will take the Apologetics for Kids course.

Case For Christ: For Kids is an apologetics class for children who are searching for ways to answer some tough questions, as well as ways to confidently defend their faith.  This class will help them answer big questions on the existence, miracles, ministry and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Apologetics for Kids curriculum is “It All Begins with Genesis” and focuses on the importance of a biblical worldview and why a worldview must be founded on the authority and accuracy of God’s Word.  Kids will become prepared to read and understand the Bible and apply it to their own lives – strengthening their faith and equipping them to share with others and defend what they believe.