CM: Preschool Giving Tree
Every week on Sunday until Nov 26, 2017 from 9:15a to 12:30p
Organizer: Lindsay Ray

"The Giving Tree" is an annual preschool event aimed at benefiting the preschoolers that attend Cornerstone Church in South Dallas.  Cornerstone Church is located in South Dallas and partners with RockPointe Church in several different ministry areas. 

"The Giving Tree" will be located on the east end of the preschool hallway during the month of November. Each "leaf" on the tree will represent a gift request of a Cornerstone preschooler. We will be collecting toys under the tree for all four weekends in November, and will be passing out the donated gifts on Saturday, December 16, 2017 at our annual Christmas party with Cornerstone.

The gifts that were requested are: African American dolls, African American Barbies, Monster trucks, cars, Berenstain Bear books and The Children's Storybook Bible. We are hopeful that each child will be given a toy and a spiritual book (either a Bible or a Berenstain Bear book).