Recommended Reading:

  • Before the Last Resort – George Kenworthy (Kindle / Paperback)
  • The Healing Choice – Brenda Stoeker, Susan Allen (Kindle / Paperback)
  • A Lasting Promise – Scott Stanley, Daniel Trathen, Savanna McCain, Milt Bryan (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Love & Respect – Dr. Emerson Eggrichs (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Choosing Forgiveness – Nancy Lee DeMoss (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Marriage on the Mend – Clint & Penny Bragg (Kindle)
  • Pray Big for Your Marriage – Will Davis, Jr. (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Forgiveness: Healing the Harbored Hurts of Your Heart – Bill Eliff (Pamphlet)
  • Unfaithful – Gary & Mona Shriver (Kindle / Paperback)

Pornography & Sex Addiction:

  • Your Brain on Porn – eBook – download here:
  • For Men: Pure Desire: How one man’s triumph can help others break free from sexual temptation – Ted Roberts (Kindle/Paperback)
  • For Women: Beggar’s Daughter: From the Rags of Pornography to the Riches of Grace – Jessica Harris (Kindle/Paperback)
  • Sexual Betrayal: Peace Beyond the Tears: Hope after sexual betrayal – Tina Harris (Paperback)

Filters for Home and Mobile:

Easy to install/use

Medium to install/use

  • Covenant Eyes: Internet accountability software and family filtering.
  • Circle Go: Your family’s mobile devices, now managed across all networks.

Advanced to install/use

  • OpenDNS: Manage advanced settings.
  • Umbrella Individual by OpenDNS: Protections for all your devices on any network, even outside your home.

Need technical help with filtering installation?

  • Blake Morrison | 214-912-3915. Blake can assist families with setting up any of the web filters, as well as helping parents take control of technology in their homes. He does not charge RockPointe families for this service.

2-Day Marriage Intensive Workshop

Building and Restoring Safe Marriages is a Biblically Based intensive couples counseling workshop for 1-2 couples led by 2 professional therapists (male and female) in their Flower Mound office. It involves approximately 13 hours of counseling and exercises intended to create and build thriving, healthy marital relationships. The intensive is targeted toward couples who struggle to connect, feel “stuck,” or believe there is little hope for their marriage. It is designed to move couples toward their Spiritual purpose and to create safe, well cared for marriages that honor God and respect one another.

The 2-day intensive format provides a compact, focused period that is free of the everyday distractions of life so relationship healing and growth can be experienced more quickly than weekly counseling sessions.

For more details and to sign up.