Make your good marriage better

Want to deepen your relationship with Christ and your spouse?
Here are a few options for you:

If you want to know how to have a thriving, God-honoring marriage,
Then, check out the “Three Essentials for a Thriving Marriage.

If you want to take intentional steps to move your marriage to the next level,
Then, download our “90-Day Intentionality Plan“ and begin charting your course of action.

If you want an objective, comprehensive assessment of your marriage “strengths,” “potential strengths,” and “growth areas” so that you can focus on specific areas of your relationship,
Then, take the Online “Couple Checkup.” You’ll find instructions and the weblink here.

If you’re looking for a community of couples in your life stage of marriage and enjoy the friendships, accountability, and growth that comes from “doing life together,”
Then, find out more about small groups at RockPointe by clicking here.

For all upcoming marriage enrichment opportunities at RockPointe, click here.