High School


High School Student Ministry

You might be surprised how many high school students feel lonely, out of place, and are searching for their identity. They want to feel loved and accepted and have purpose to their lives. Our society tries to fix the problem with programs instead of people, leaving teenagers feeling unwanted.

Students need real authentic people in their lives. That is why God did not send ten more commandments. Instead, He sent His Son to “move into the neighborhood.” John 1:14 (The Message) This generation needs people to step into their lives, love them, listen to them, and be there when they need them.

Here at RockPointe Church, we genuinely love students. We have a team of amazing adult leaders who sacrifice their time, energy and refrigerators. We wish to share the truth of scripture to transform and equip teenagers to impact the world. Every teen needs a place where they can be loved and encouraged by godly peers and adults. Every teen needs a safe place where they can ask those tough questions on their minds. We hope that students connect, engage, serve and feel at home at RockPointe Church Student Ministry.

For information on our special needs ministry, Embrace, please visit HERE