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Week 1 – Reading through the Bible in a Year – Study guidelines using the SOAP Method

Week 1 Notes
Make Us Wise video
by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro by New Hope Oahu
Life Journals
Life Journal Bible Reading Plan
Women of the Word book

Week 2 – Heart of a Servant – Learning to be weak, available & faithful

Week 2 Notes
Blue Letter Bible
Spiritual Disciplines Book
Lori’s Bible Highlighting Method

Week 3 – What drains and fills our tanks? – New perspectives on balance

Week 3 Notes
Week 3 Questions
What’s Myself Doing to Myself poem
Dead Leader Running video by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro by New Hope Oahu

Week 4 – What is my Story? – How do I effectively capture it, so I can share it?

Week 4 Notes
Descriptions of God
Sharing His Story
Story videos from Psalms

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