The Christian Center of Guayaquil is currently the largest evangelical church in the city.

The Smith family, after feeling the call from God, moved to Ecuador in 1985, at that time they took charge of a small church in a house located in Urdesa with around 50 people. Later, the Church began to grow in an impressive way.

Pastor Jerry Smith presents a positive and Bible-based message each week. Their passion is children. Most of the Church’s projects are focused on benefiting all those with limited resources, being provided with a quality education that will provide them with the necessary tools to become productive citizens and leaders in all areas of life.


•Join the Men’s Mission Trip taking place January 2018
•Pray God will provide an answer to the need for more space for growing ministry
•Give to help supply much-needed resources to subsidize scholarships for children
•Download the Partner Poster
•Download the Prayer Card

Jerry & Janice Smith