The Wells of Joy aims at developing the slum children helping them realize life can be different from what they see. The Wells of Joy has a holistic approach to ministry with spiritual and humanitarian assistance as the love of Christ is shared through ministry and education.

Life in the slum is a daily experience of poverty and has a degrading and dehumanizing impact on human life. People are prisoners of their circumstances with daily living characterized by immorality, prostitution, crime, drugs and substance abuse, careless living and alcohol. Many parents struggle to provide for their families and shelter them from the negative influence of the environment.

Pastor Geoffrey has a big heart and great faith. Through the Brilliant Sharpening Community Centre and the church, his mission is to reach each life, one life at a time without hesitation.

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The Wells of Joy

How Are You Helping?  

A portion of your tithes go directly to support 9 children at Brilliant Sharpening Community Centre. Because of your generosity, these kids will get an education in a protected environment and will not be subject to the abuses that are so prevalent in the slums.


  • Commit to praying for this ministry and its success in reaching families
  • Give of your resources and sponsor a child of your own
  • Download the Partner Poster
  • Download the Prayer Card