It’s a privilege to pray. The freedom to approach the Lord God Almighty, creator of the universe, the rescuer and redeemer of all mankind, isn’t something to be taken for granted, and it’s not something to be overlooked. See how it makes a difference.
Samson. A legendary leader known for his strength and might. Was there more to him than that? Is he someone we want to be?
Don’t you love a great underdog story? Most people do. There’s just something about the underdog that seems to draw us in – we don’t want to be one, but we like to read about them.
Deborah demonstrated the qualities of a leader. She was submissive, showed herself to have a servant’s heart and mind, was faithful to the tasks she was given. She was in a small tribe, and was faithful in that small arena, rather than striving for a larger platform. That’s leadership.
Givers and Takers
We’re called to model the heart of Christ, the image of God. An intrinsic part is living life as a giver, giving out of an intentional heart. His heart is to bring your heart in line with His.