Church Structure

Why Is RockPointe An Elder Led Church?

The Greek word presbuteros, translated “elder” in English, is found 58 times (by far the most used term for church leaders) in the Greek New Testament.

The Judean Church possessed “elders” (Acts 11: 30).

  • They were appointed by Paul and Barnabas (Acts 14:23).
  • They were visited by Paul and Barnabas in Jerusalem (Acts 15:2).
  • Peter appealed to the “elders” as a “fellow elder” (I Peter 5:1).
  • They are entrusted with God’s work (Titus 1:5-7).
  • They “direct the affairs of the church,” and some do the work of “preaching and teaching “(I Tim 5:17).
  • The last two passages listed are the primary passages that indicate that the Pastor was also regarded as one of the “elders.”
  • It is because of these Scriptures and many others that RockPointe believes that the governing leaders of the church should be elders.

Throughout Scripture the words “overseer and elder” are used interchangeably (much like we use the terms “pastor and preacher”).

  • Elders can be nominated by any covenant member who is currently serving in a ministry of RockPointe Church.
  • All nominations must meet the standards listed for an elder in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • An elder must have served in the church for a minimum of two years.
  • An elder must be an active Covenant member of the church.