Believers Baptism

What is Believer’s Baptism?

At RockPointe, we affirm that the Bible teaches that Believer’s Baptism is both a symbolic and vital step of obedience in professing our conversion and new life in Jesus Christ. We hold that Baptism, which is the ceremonial process of being dipped into water during a time of worship before the whole church body, is a beautiful sign and symbol of Christ’s own death, burial, and resurrection (Romans 6:4). When we are each baptized, symbolically we also are being “buried” into the water and then raised out of the water which symbolizes our “resurrection” to new life in Jesus Christ. We baptize individuals who can articulate their conversion experience.

Why Believer’s Baptism?

Importantly, we affirm the biblical teaching that only professed Believers, (i.e. those who are old enough to profess that they have had a conversion experience and have given their lives fully to Jesus Christ for salvation) – should be baptized. AFTER, we have received Christ as Savior, we are called to publicly identify with other Believers within the Church that Jesus has saved us (Luke 12:8). The symbolic act of baptism declares publicly that we desire to walk in obedience with Him (Matthew 28:19). Therefore, the act of Believer’s Baptism is commanded in Scripture for all believers, is a symbolic act for our spiritual resurrection and identification with Christ’s, and is a beautiful public profession that we stand with other Believers of all ages as born-again followers of Christ.

Why should I be baptized?

Because of the Lord Jesus:

  • Jesus was Baptized (Matthew 3:17), demonstrating His own obedience, humility, and the filling of the Holy Spirit. (At Jesus’ baptism, the Trinity was present and God publicly blessed His Son’s example – John 3:17)
  • Jesus Commands that all Believers should be baptized (1John 2:3, Acts 2:38)
  • Jesus authorized His apostles to Make disciples (Saved) & Baptize them: (Matthew 28:19-20)

The Importance and Meaning of Baptism

  • The Word “Baptize” means to dip, immerse, sink, or plunge.
  • The ancient Greek Word “Baptize” cannot mean to pour-out/over or to sprinkle. The Bible nowhere uses pour/sprinkle as a mode of baptism.
  • Baptize is always used in the New Testament as being “immersed” or dunked.

What Baptism does NOT mean

  • Baptism does not (cannot) save you (Eph. 2:8-9)
  • Baptism plays NO role in our salvation (Eph. 2:1)
  • Baptism is not a ‘washing away’ of your sins (Heb. 9:22)

What Baptism DOES mean

Baptism is a symbol of death/burial/resurrection of Jesus Christ (Rom. 6:4;
Col. 2:12)

  • Baptism spiritually identifies us with Jesus in a like manner of His death and resurrection.
  • Baptism is a public profession of Jesus as our Savior & Lord before the Church.

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