RockPointe’s College Age Ministry is for anyone who is college-aged between 18-24 years old. Whether you’re in college, working or just figuring life out, this is the place for you. Our mission is to grow in relationship with one another while growing in our relationship with Jesus.



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7 Reasons Why

7 Tips for College Students

An email question from the West Coast: “Hello Pastor John. My name is Nathan and I’m a college student in the Bay Area, California. In my first year of college, I’ve found your sermons and books quite helpful on the journey for joy. Thinking back to your early days at Wheaton College and your annual involvement at the Passion Conferences, what advice would you give to college students today?” Listen to John Piper’s response.

Top 5 Reason Most College Students Give Up Their Faith

Studies show that as many as 70% of Christian students leave the church during college. Here are the top five reasons according to hundreds of parents, pastors, and youth workers. Tells us what you think? Read further.

5 Reasons