REVELATION: Just the Facts: We win!
Every week on Sunday until Dec 9, 2019 from 9:30a to 10:45a
Organizer: Steve Glaser

Despite all the erroneous predictions that we read about every day, most of us ignore the one place in which the future is clearly outlined. The Book of Revelation demonstrates that God has always had a plan for our lives. From Genesis through Revelation we have witnessed how God is taking fallen mankind on a journey to redemption. This study is called “Revelation- Just the Facts” for a reason. There are enough remarkable events depicted in the Book of Revelation that it needs no wild speculation or exaggeration to make it interesting. Join us to discover how “We Win!” 

This study will run for an entire year, but feel free to jump in anytime!

Electronic and hard copies of the study are available. Hard copies are $15. To reserve your hard copy of the study, complete this request.

Download electronic version:
Revelation Part 1
Revelation Part 2