Coffee Group Training
Nov 3, 2019 at 2:00 PM
Organizer: Brandon Graham

Are you looking for a group of Christian men you can study the Word with? Friends you can hang out with? Brothers you can call and count on when life's biggest challenges come your way?

We have that! Here at RockPointe, we call these groups Coffee Groups. 1/3/5 = 1 hour each week; 3 topics; same 5 guys.

I am holding a training and and group formation meeting Sunday, November 3rd, from 2:00p-3:30p in the NorthPointe Student Center. 

I will train everyone on how the groups work and equip everyone to lead a group. This doesn't mean you will necessarily be "THE" group leader, but everyone should know the expectations and how to lead in case the leader is out of town or unavailable. 

Following training, we will form groups ON THE SPOT based on age, time/day of the week, hobbies or any other demographic preferences. 

Please plan on attending this training if you want to get involved in Coffee Groups. These groups are the best way 
to stay connected and grow in your faith. The Men's Ministry mission is to equip men to be Godly leaders in our homes, our church, and in our community. This is our best tool to help you fulfill God's plan in your life.