Living the Sent Life
Mar 29, 2020 at 9:30 AM
Organizer: Brandi Miller

"Living the Sent Life" - Sunday | 9:30a or 11:15a | 1 class, 2 time options | 3/29 | Founders

One step followers of Christ must take in their discipleship journey is to go “beyond.” This means living a life sent on mission by Christ, and for Christ. This class explains why living the sent life is living out our divine purpose just as Jesus did. We will also detail every “beyond” opportunity, both local and international, that is available through RockPointe, so that you can plan your time and choose your mission opportunities for 2020 in advance. This class was widely requested in the 2018 RPC survey! Led by Brandi Miller & Ron Hogue.  REGISTER HERE

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