Co-ed | The Uniqueness of John 11a
Every week on Sunday from 11:00a to 12:15p
Organizer: David Belknap

The Uniqueness of John - led by David Belknap

While Matthew, Mark, and Luke tell us so much of what Jesus did, John's unique perspective shows us who Jesus is. In this class, we will try to understand John's Hebrew message written to a Greek world. With input from numerous respected bible scholars, we'll explore the Jewish history and customs of that time in order to make the words of John come to "Life."    

David Belknap, husband to Camille and father of Jacob (21) and Joshua (15), grew up as a military brat eventually working in the steel industry for almost 40 years. In his early spiritual journey, he was impacted powerfully by a strong Bible preaching Baptist church. Since then, he's had a passion to help others understand the Bible having led studies in numerous churches for almost 30 years.