Fill the Truck Fridays

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When the idea for Fill the Truck Fridays first came about, the RPC Missions team just set out to fill a truck with some supplies to help support two of our local ministry partners: Christian Community Action and The Salvation Army Lewisville. Knowing that everyone in our community was facing uncertainty and dealing with scarcity of some basic items, the team wasn’t sure what to expect. Because they believed that because God laid this idea on their hearts, they trusted that He had a plan, and felt certain their obedience would help meet a need.

They were right – God did use their obedience to help meet a need. He actually did so much more than they even dared to hoped. Because of the generosity of our members and the community, you – the people who are faithful to donate each week – are consistently filling multiple trucks! God is using your faithfulness to make and ever-increasing impact!

We’ve been able to serve not just CCA and The Salvation Army, but also First Refuge Ministries and LovePacs.

These ministries expressed tremendous gratitude. The Salvation Army gave out 175 boxes of food in one day last week. That is the equivalent to TWO FULL TRUCKS of donations! Many of the recipients are new clients, each with a story of sudden hardship. Because of your gifts, these clients are met with love and generosity!

To date, we have filled 11 trucks (well, 10 trucks and the church van). To put it in perspective, one truckload supplies a ministry with enough food for one day of for donation. CCA provides 5 days each week. The Salvation Army is providing drive-through food donations twice each week. So, in total, our ministry partners are giving away 7 truckloads each week.

This Friday, May 15, we have added items to make Frontline Hero Encouragement Bags. Our medical missions team leaders, Jason and Kassidy James will be assembling gift bags to distribute to the heroes on the front lines. Next week we will collect donations for Cornerstone and the Union Gospel Mission in South Dallas. In the last week of May, our collection will benefit the Airborne Angels, providing them with items to send to our military serving overseas.

If our ministry partners still need assistance with supplies after May, we may continue hosting Fill the Truck Fridays through June. The food is flying off the shelf as quickly as it is being put on, but our God is so faithful to provide and we’re thankful for Him and for you – you are the vessel He is using to meet these needs. This isn’t just a story of some people collecting some food and supplies for some other people somewhere. This is your story of how God is using you and your church to meet needs in our immediate area and beyond. This is your testimony. #TestimonyTuesday

If you would like to participate in upcoming Fill the Truck Fridays visit for all the details.