RockPointe Church cares about you.
We want you to also know God cares about you:
God sees you, God knows you, and God is with you.

There are several pathways at RPC where you can receive hope, care, and encouragement. We offer a wide variety of Bible Studies, coffee groups, support groups, one-on-one or small group discipleship opportunities, mentoring, prayer, corporate worship, and classes which are all available to you for connection and care.

If you are in life-threatening danger, please call 911.

If you are seeking help, shelter or crisis resources, please CLICK HERE.

For a complete listing of Denton County Resources, please CLICK HERE.


Care Groups at RockPointe Church

Care groups provide support and connection with Bibilically-based curriculum on specific topics:


re:genre:generation is a biblically based 12-step discipleship program offering healing and freedom from any type of struggle, through growth in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Embrace GraceEmbrace Grace is provides an emotional, practical and spiritual support group for single women experiencing unexpected pregnancy. No matter your past or what you are going through, whether you choose to parent or to place for adoption, we want to walk with you.


GriefShareA safe and welcoming space to gather and enter the sacred space of bearing witness to the pain of losing a loved one. Our desire is for your loss to be known in the context of community and processed through the hope we have in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Foster and Adoption Family Life GroupOur hope is to provide this safe space for families to fellowship, be heard, encouraged, prayed over, and incorporated into a supportive community.


Our hope is to provide a safe place where each woman’s unique story of child loss and miscarriage may be shared in a caring, Christ based community of women who have also experienced this type of suffering. We meet the 3rd Thursday of every month,


re|engageWhether your marriage feels broken and full of resentment, or if you want to reconnect and grow again with your spouse, there is hope for change.


DivorceCareDivorceCare is a safe place where caring people come alongside you as you find healing from the pain of separation or divorce.


Lifeline to HopeThese 2-hour workshops provide an introduction to biblical instruction and practical guidance on specific emotional, relational, and spiritual issues – giving tools to face life’s challenges with courage and confidence.

Do you have a heart for people who are hurting and broken?

Are you a ministry leader or has God used you to come alongside others who are in deep emotional pain?

If so, then the Lifeline to Hope training program was designed just for you!


This team is a group of people committed to praying over prayer requests submitted by the church body each week. Each person on the team receives a weekly email with a list of prayer requests to pray over. If you would like to be on the Prayer Team, please send an email to Colleen.


Our prayer room is the glass room with the curtain, located on the west side of the sanctuary, and provides a comfortable place for you to be with the Lord.  Anytime the room is available, you are welcome to pray there.


Prayer Partners are called to come forward at the pastor’s direction during the conclusion of the service to receive and pray for those in the congregation who come for prayer support.  If you would like to be a prayer partner, please contact Colleen.

Submit Your Prayer Request

Please send us your request and it will be added to the weekly email that the church staff and prayer team pray over.  The request will remain on the list for one month, but you can update it for a longer period of time.

Online Benevolence Application

Are you in need of assistance? RockPointe Church is here to help. Please fill out the form below so we can better know how to serve you.

Depending on your answer, please be sure we have the needed info above to reach out to you.


RockPointe Church Deacons

Deacons assist pastors in community outreach by ministering the gospel outside the church, visiting the sick and homebound, recruiting and receiving new members and traveling on missionary trips. Within a congregation, deacons set examples of compassion and stewardship.

David & Debbie Anderson
David & Debbie Anderson
Alok & Sara Aurora
Alok & Sara Aurora
Jerry & Laura Brown
Jerry & Laura Brown
Brad & Angela Chesire
Keith & Ashley Farris
Keith & Ashley Farris
Jerry & Marlene Godinez
Jerry & Marlene Godinez
Darryl & Ley Holly
Darryl & Ley Holly
Ron & Crystal Kelly
Ron & Crystal Kelley
Brian & Mary Larson
Brian & Mary Larson
Craig & Betsy McGinnis
Craig & Betsy McGinnis
Kevin & Michelle Risberg
Kevin & Michelle Risberg
Are you in need of funeral or memorial services?

Please contact Colleen Dobbs.

RockPointe Church Care Team