RPC Kids

Partnering with families to build strong Biblical foundations,
while encouraging children to grow into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

SAY YES to the next generation! RPC Kids invites you to pour into the next generation at RockPointe Church by volunteering in the Children’s Ministry!  Thank you for prayerfully considering ways that you can plug in to make a difference in the lives of the littlest ones in our church.

Fill out a volunteer application and get the process started TODAY!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Team Leader
As a volunteer leader, you manage and shepherd other volunteers in your care and represent RPC Kids to children and families. You win when small group volunteers feel known and celebrated so that they can do for their few what you do for them.
Small Group Leader
Small Group Leaders invest in the lives of a few to encourage authentic faith. You win when kids have meaningful interactions that deepen their faith in Jesus and influence their relationships with others.
Small Group Helper
Small Group Helpers engage kids by making personal connections. You win when kids are in an environment that makes them feel comfortable learning about Jesus.
Nursery Caregiver
Nursery caregivers make a difference in infants and toddlers’ lives by giving babies 3 things they need: love, stories/songs and fun. You win when babies feel a sense of belonging, safety, and connection at church.
Large Group Team
Large Group Leaders, Media Volunteers, and Hosts present the lesson to our children in a fun, creative, and relevant way. From games to puppets to teaching Biblical truths, this team wins when children learn about Jesus in a way that engages all of their senses and learning styles.
Welcome Team
The RPC Kids Welcome Team is the first point of contact between the church and our people. You win when your experience with families is not just one of check-in and direction, but of connection and purpose.
Health & Safety Team
The RPC Safety Team watches over all children’s and student areas while providing direction and structure for evacuation, shelter in place, health emergencies, and safety procedures. You win when families are free to worship in a safe and welcoming environment.
Worship Team
The RPC Kids Worship Team engages children through singing, musical instruments, hand motions, and fun! You win when children learn to worship in a way that allows them to feel the presence of God and brings them closer to Jesus.
Special Needs Buddy
The Embrace Ministry invests in the lives of those with special needs through a buddy system where one on one attention is given to enhance the individual’s experience - either integrated into an age appropriate classroom or in a classroom designed specifically for individuals with special needs. All you need is a heart for children/adults with special needs. You will be trained on effective techniques that will help you feel comfortable serving “the least of these”. You win when your buddy is able to learn about the love of Christ in a comfortable and safe environment.
Wednesday Volunteers
Ignite Kids and Bible Drill leaders invest in the lives of a few to encourage authentic faith. You win when kids have meaningful interactions that deepen their faith in Jesus and influence their relationships with others.

Sunday Mornings

RPC KIDS: Birth – 5th Grade

9:15a service | Birth-5th Grade programming

11:00a service | Birth-5th Grade programming

The mission of RPC Kids is to partner with families to build strong spiritual foundations, while encouraging children to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  On Sunday mornings, we use the TRU Curriculum to teach God’s word in a fun, deep and engaging way.  For more information on age specific programming, click on a section below.

Infant Care

Newborns through 24 months are welcomed into a safe, loving environment. It is important to us that you and your child are happy while they are in our care. We will inquire of your child’s needs when they arrive and let you know of any news when you pick them up.


When children are able, they participate in our Bibles and Bells program and sing about how special God’s Word is. In addition, our trained volunteers will share an age-appropriate lesson from the TRU curriculum and pray over your child each week.


If we need to notify you during service, we will do so by sending you a text message.


Helpful Hints:

  • Bring extra diapers and a change of clothes.
  • Label any items brought to class including cups, pacifiers, and diapers.
  • We promote your children based upon development. When your child begins walking, they will move to the older nursery class. One of our caregivers will discuss this with you before a class change is made.
  • All of our volunteers are background checked and trained on how to best care for your child.
  • We maintain a safe ratio in each class.
  • Our rooms and toys are sanitized each week.

For more information, contact Alisan Mobley, Nursery and Preschool Ministry Leader.

Camp Rock: 2-3 Year Olds

Toddlers and preschoolers are invited to a class that is filled with fun and exciting things to do. We have specific guidelines in order to provide a safe, clean environment. Each Sunday, we use the TRU Blessings curriculum to teach Biblical truths. The little ones then participate in craft time and take home something special that helps them remember the story they learned.


If there is a need for us to notify you during the service, we will text you.


Helpful Hints:

  • Bring extra diapers, pull-ups, and a change of clothes.
  • Label any items brought to class including cups, pacifiers, and diapers.
  • Do not bring any toys from home. It is hard for children to share their special toys, and it is difficult for teachers to know which toys belong to each child.
  • If your child is potty training, please communicate this to the teacher.
  • All of our volunteers are background checked and trained on how to best care for your child.
  • We maintain a safe ratio in each class.
  • Our rooms and toys are sanitized each week.

For more information, contact Alisan Mobley, Nursery and Preschool Ministry Leader.

The Woodlands: PreK-Kindergarten

When your child arrives, he/she will be greeted with a warm welcome! Children have a few minutes when they arrive to choose a station to enjoy. Next, our children participate in a large group environment for worship, a puppet show, and their age-appropriate lesson from the TRU Wonder curriculum. Children then break into small groups for discussion and a time to create.


For more information about the TRU Wonder curriculum, click on the link below.


TRU Wonder Scope and Sequence


If there is a need for us to notify you during service, we will text you.

  • All of our volunteers are background checked and trained on how to best care for your child.
  • We maintain a safe ratio in each class.
  • Our rooms and toys are sanitized each week.

For more information, contact Jennifer Schmitz, Associate Children's Minister.

Collide: 1st-3rd Grade

All children are a part of God’s story. We invite your 1st-3rd grade children to come be a part of our weekend experience at RockPointe and discover what God’s word says in a dynamic, energetic, age-appropriate way using the TRU Story curriculum! They will spend time in a combination of large and small groups, connecting and engaging with the Word and with each other.


Classes are held on Sunday morning during the 9:30am and 11:15am services.


For more information about the TRU Story curriculum click on the link below.


TRU Story Scope and Sequence


For more information, contact Linda Morrison, Associate Children's Minister.

Merge: 4th - 5th Grade



Imagine being a 4th or 5th grade student. You don’t quite think you are a kid anymore (even though you are), but you’re not yet a teenager. So, where do you fit in during this transitional period of your life? RockPointe Children’s Ministry believes our 4th and 5th grade students need a learning environment all their own. Merge is an environment that is challenging, crazy fun, and works with parents to prepare these kids for the next chapter of their lives. Classes are held Sunday morning in WestPointe Building during the 9:30am and 11:15am services. Children will enjoy learning from the TRU Story curriculum and worshipping together along with a live band each week!


For more information about the TRU Story curriculum, click on the link below.


TRU Story Scope and Sequence


For more information, contact Linda Morrison, Associate Children's Minister.

Multiply (Mentoring)

Jesus said, “Follow me.” (Matthew 4:19)


This is where discipleship starts—following Jesus. We learn from Him, we do what He does, we go where He goes, and we think about what He thinks about. Eventually, we find ourselves responding to situations the way He would. The more we follow Him, the more we start to look like Him.


Multiply mentoring is a discipleship path in which RockPointe Church high school student leaders (Disciple Makers) mentor 4th/5th graders to aid in their walk with Christ.


On-campus meetings between Disciple Makers and their mentees occur on the below dates during the small group portion of 9:30 service time programming.




September 15 | 12:45p-1:45p – Introduction Meeting (parents, mentees and Disciple Makers attend)


September 22


September 29


October 6


October 13


October 20


October 27


February 2


February 9


February 16


February 23


March 1


March 8




Registration for the 2019-2020 season of Multiply is full. Please contact Linda Morrison if you'd like for your child to be placed on the waitlist or if you have any questions.




Please email Linda Morrison for more information and to express your interest.

Special Needs

RockPointe strives to provide an accepting environment where individuals with special needs can learn about Christ. For families with children who have been diagnosed with a disability, whether it is physical or mental, we will provide a “Buddy” for your child during the 9:30am or 11:15am Sunday morning worship services. Our “Buddy” will pair up with your child to accompany and help with participation in their age-appropriate classroom.


For more information, please visit our Embrace: Special Needs site.

Wednesday Evenings

RPC Kids provides children with two paths to BECOME and BELONG on Wednesday nights!

Ignite Kids offers children in 1st-5th grade an amazing opportunity to grow in their faith while encouraging community with other kids. The fall semester will look a little different this year. Groups will meet OUTSIDE from 4:30-5:30pm for fellowship, snacks, games, and discipleship.

Bible Drill trains 4th and 5th graders how to hide God’s Word in their hearts by memorizing scripture and learning the books of the Bible. 

Dates / Times

Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm during the fall semester.


Fall Semester dates: September 9 - November 4, 2020


Spring Semester dates: 2021 dates TBD

Participant Age Range

1st grade - 5th grade

Participant Cost

$10 per child for the semester.

Registration fee includes all supplies, reference materials, and celebrations.


Click HERE to register for the fall 2020 semester.


To register for this event, you must have an account in our new myRPC community. Please request an account by clicking HERE. Once you receive your account information (emailed to you within 24 hours of your request), you can register for this event when registration opens. After your initial myRPC set up, it will be easier than ever before to register for events, give online, interact with your RockPointe groups, and manage your RPC calendar. Thank you for setting up your account within myRPC!


**After registering, you should receive a confirmation email that includes further details. If you do not receive this confirmation or if you have difficulty registering, please email Jennifer Schmitz.

Drop Off / Pick Up Locations

RockPointe Church - outdoor areas


Wednesday Ignite Kids check-in will take place in the main building foyer starting at 4:15pm. Parents will drop off and pick up in their outdoor small group location.


Interested in being an Ignite Kids volunteer?


We need volunteers in the following areas: registration, media, discipleship classroom teachers and helpers, and skill classroom helpers. If you’d like to volunteer, please click HERE to register or contact Christi Victor.


The Bible Drill discipleship path is a dynamic program in which children will memorize 25 verses, 10 key passages and the names of all 66 books of the Bible.  It is essential that parents partner with the child to learn the material. In addition to practice time, please pray, motivate, and encourage your child as he/she memorizes God’s Word.

  • Dates – Fall semester: 9/9/20 – 11/18/20 | Spring Semester: Dates TBD (If your child qualifies for and chooses to attend the State/Regional Drills, practices will continue through the month of April with the State/Regional Drill taking place at the end of April.)
  • Time – 5:30-6:25pm (Children may participate in both Bible Drill and Ignite Kids)
  • Location – NorthPointe Collide
  • Cost – $20 for the year – includes class materials, supplies, and t-shirt
  • Competition – Children will have the opportunity to compete at an associational and state level during the Spring semester
  • Materials Needed – A Drill Bible is required for this class and is purchased during registration for $13

For more information on the Ignite Kids and Bible Drill programs, please contact Christy McCallum, Children’s Minister.

Spiritual Milestones

How does a parent take on the responsibility of “primary spiritual nurturer” in the life of his/her growing child?

1) First, a parent grows in his or her own understanding of the Bible and relationship with Christ. 2) Second, parents learn how to effectively practice age-appropriate family devotions in their own home. 3) Finally, parents learn to equip their children for the natural, spiritual milestones.

Baby Dedication

Christian parents are naturally compelled to present their newborn children to God. This milestone connects new parents with the magnificent responsibility and opportunity of leading their children spiritually. When parents present their children to God even as Mary and Joseph did, they’re acknowledging two simple facts. First, this new baby is God’s creation and therefore God’s possession. Second, as stewards of God’s possession, parents have the responsibility to intentionally raise the child in a way that’s pleasing to God. In this class, we will discuss what this might look like, and how we at RPC can partner with you on this journey. The Baby Dedication ceremony during the service will occur the following weekend.


Baby Dedication Class for Parents: October 18, 2020 at 9:15am in room 308 of the Main Building


Click HERE to register.


Next Baby Dedication Weekend: October 25, 2020


Email Christy McCallum for more information.



Basics for Kids

Next Class Date:


Sunday, September 6, 2020 from 8:30-10:30am


Click HERE to register.


Location: Main Building - Room 308


This class is for parents and children in 1st-5th grades. The plan of salvation, what it means and when it is time to be baptized, and how communion fits into a Christian’s life are all topics which will be taught. These topics are covered in a relevant and child-friendly way. This is the FIRST step in the baptism process.

Follow Up with Children's Minister

A follow up with your Children’s Minister should occur once your child has completed the Basics for Kids class, has asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior, can articulate his/her salvation experience, and is ready to proclaim their salvation publicly. Email Christy McCallum, Children's Minister, to schedule this next step.

Video Testimony

At RockPointe Church, we invite children who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and who are ready to proclaim this choice publicly, to make a video testimony. This is Step #3 in the baptism process. The video will be recorded in advance carefully by our Ministry Staff. Your child will be prepared and made at ease during the taping. On the day of your child’s baptism, his/her video testimony will be played in the Worship Center before the actual baptism. Afterwards, a video with their testimony will be given to you along with a Baptism Certificate and a Baptism Memories packet to record special moments from the day.


Why a video?


Since baptism is a public proclamation of your child’s faith in Christ, we feel that the video gives your child the opportunity to share what they really want to say. Additionally, your child’s faith story is very meaningful. We want them to be able to remember it and share it with others as inspiration.


Baptisms are scheduled with your Children’s Minister during your child’s follow up. Baptisms take place on Sunday mornings, and include a showing of your child’s pre-recorded testimony video.

5th Grade Blessing

5th graders and their parents/guardians are invited to a time of prayer, blessing, and celebration as they transition to 6th grade and to Student Ministry. Please join us for this milestone celebration. Desserts and photo booth following the ceremony.


The next 5th Grade Blessing will take place in the spring of 2021.

Please contact April Mosley at april@rpcstaff.org for more information.

I'm A Christian Now! Class

This class is a follow up to baptism for your 1st-5th grader.


In this three-week class held on Sunday mornings, your children will spend time discussing, at length, these four topics:


1) Becoming a Christian - Their testimony and how to use it
2) Following Jesus’ Example - Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
3) Church - What that is and what a Christian’s responsibility is
4) Developing a Relationship - Spending time with God


Class Information:


Start Date: October 4, 2020

End Date: October 18, 2020

Class Time: 11:00am-12:15pm

Location: Room 308 of the Main Building

Registration: For children who have participated in believer's baptism only. Registration for the Fall 2020 class will open in August 2020.


For more information, email Christy McCallum, Children’s Minister.


Leading kids to make a local and global impact today.


Serving on our RPC Kids volunteer team is an opportunity to honor God and introduce children to the wonderful truths in the Bible. Our volunteers have the privilege of impacting children’s lives with their gifts of teaching, singing, praying, playing, creating, and planning.

This ministry area has many areas of service. Please see below for the area that might interest you most.

Storyteller / Large Group Leader
Using the assigned curriculum as a guide, storytellers and large group leaders will present lessons (20-30 minutes) in an engaging, yet effective way. As a storyteller you will want to be comfortable in front of a large group of children and the adults.
Large Group Host
The Host will energetically greet the children during large group and lead them in a game, which goes along with the lesson for the day. The Host will also periodically interact with the large group leader during large group with some minor acting parts.
Media team members run the audio visual equipment for large group, which includes sound for worship, sound effects and visual aids for the lesson, and other media. Training is required on all equipment so that members are prepared to use lights, sound, visual projections, sound effects and other media programs to support large group and transitions in the worship order.
Small Group Leader
Using the assigned curriculum and activity as a guide, Small Group Leaders lead Bible study lessons with the children in small groups. Small Group Leaders also connect with children on a deeper level through prayer, discussion questions, games, etc.
Small Group Helper
Small Group Helpers welcome the kids with a smile, hug or high five as the children arrive. Helpers also play an active role in the classroom engaging kids in the lesson, connecting children with one another, and modeling worship and active listening.
RPC Kids Welcome Team
The RPC Kids Welcome Team greets families as they enter RockPointe, guides them through the process of checking in via our computer system, and shows them to their classroom. The team also ensures that all RPC Kids volunteers have checked in and have a name tag.
Worship Team, Kinder-5th Grades
The Worship Team, consisting of vocalists and instrumentalists, will musically lead the children in praise and worship during children’s programing.
Caregivers, Infants
Caregivers create a loving, caring environment for infants during each worship service. Caregivers also follow the curriculum posted above the changing table each month and perform or assist with Bible and Bells in the older infant class.
Special Needs Buddy
Our special needs children come with a wide range of disabilities and often benefit from a "buddy" to help them navigate the classroom experience. This helps us maximize their ability to learn about Christ and how to have a relationship with him.
Ignite Kids Leader
Ignite Kids! offers children in 1st-5th grade an amazing opportunity to grow in both discipleship and a skill, while encouraging community with other kids. Discipleship Small Group Leaders will lead a group of 8-12 children by engaging them in the lesson or activity, by connecting them to one another, and by modeling worship and active listening. Skill Small Group Leaders and Helpers will help teach or guide children in a specific skill such as choir, acting, outdoor activities, etc.
Multiply Disciple Maker
MULTIPLY is an RPC Kids mentoring program where Disciple Makers walk alongside 4th/5th graders to aid in their spiritual journey. Disciple Makers are high school students and young adults who have a desire to make a spiritual impact with children.
Kids Hope USA Mentor

Mentors are needed during the 2019-2020 school year at Vickery Elementary in Lewisville. For more information, please contact Brandi Miller.

A member of the RPC Kids staff would love to talk with you about serving in the Children’s Ministry. If you are interested and would like to know more about volunteering in some capacity, please contact Christy McCallum, Children’s Minister.