A message from Marriage Pastor, Brian Sanders

Intentionality in Your Marriage

3 Essentials for a Great Marriage

Developing a great marriage requires that you begin with a strong foundation. Married Life at RPC believes these Three Essentials are the building blocks to get you there. Download PDF

90 Day Intentionality Plan

Being intentional about building your relationship is vital for having a thriving, life-long, God-honoring marriage. This 90-Day challenge/plan is designed to help you assess what you’ve recently done to build your marriage and to plan for the coming 90 days to focus on specific things that will keep you and your spouse connected and growing. Download PDF

Become Your Best Us – Conversation Starters

Thriving Couples Spend Meaningful Time Together! Move toward “oneness” by being intentional about creating intimacy. Use these questions and activities to make your time together meaningful. Download PDF

Online Couple Checkup

The Couple Checkup is a great way to gauge where the strengths and growth areas are in your relationship. Much like having a car mechanic perform a diagnostic test on your car’s computer to determine what’s working properly and what might need maintenance, the Couple Checkup will help you assess your marriage relationship in order to determine what you’re doing well and what areas need some attention. It’s one intentional step you can take to grow your marriage.

Once you’ve completed the online assessment, you will receive an online report with an optional discussion guide that addresses each category in the assessment. Your report does not go to anyone but you, so it is completely anonymous. However, if you run into any issues with it, feel free to contact us and we’ll walk through it with you to help clear up any questions you may have.

Instructions for taking the Couple Checkup

  • Visit couplecheckup.com
  • First Person creates the Couple Account and completes their Checkup:
  • Step 1:Create two Usernames and a single Password
  • Step 2: Review/Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Step 3: Enter Payment: Credit Card payment of $35 (for couple)
  • Step 4: Save/Email your Account Information (Record below for future reference)
  • Step 5: Login and complete your Couple Checkup

Second Person can Login to the Couple Account and complete their Checkup

  • Step 1: Click Login from the main page
  • Step 2: Enter Account Number and Password received from your spouse
  • Step 3: Complete your Couple Checkup

Once the second person is finished, you’ll see the View Results page

  • Step 1: Enter the Group Code for RockPointe Church Website: 8545-6 (This code is for RPC only)
  • Step 2: Click View Results to open and print your report
  • Step 3: Print a Discussion Guide for yourself and your spouse – use the “church based discussion guide”

Questions? For technical issues, click on the Contact Us link on the Couple Checkup website. For other questions, contact Brian and Edie Sanders.

Recommended Reading for Couples

  • Foundational: Covenant Marriage – by Dr. Fred Lowery (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Foundational: Your Best US – by Ted Lowe ( Paperback)
  • Foundational: Sacred Marriage – by Gary Thomas (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Foundational: Love & Respect – by Emerson Eggrichs (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Foundational: When Sinners Say, “I Do – by Dave Harvey (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Roles & Responsibilities: Rocking the Roles – by Robert Lewis and William Hendricks (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Communication/Conflict Resolution: A Lasting Promise – by Scott Stanley (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Sexual Intimacy: Intended for Pleasure – by Dr. Ed Wheat (Kindle / Hardcover)
  • Sexual Intimacy: Sheet Music – by Dr. Kevin Leman (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Financial: Your Money Map: A proven 7-step guide to true financial freedom – by Howard Dayton (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Financial: Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey (Kindle/Paperback)
  • Couple’s Devotional: Two as One: Connecting Daily with Christ and Your Spouse – Ryan & Selena Frederick (Paperback)
  • Couple’s Devotional: Moments With You – by Dennis and Barbara Rainey (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Praying Together: Two Hearts Praying as One – by Dennis and Barbara Rainey (Kindle / Hardcover)

Web Sites

  • FamilyLife – A ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ – free online devotionals delivered to your email daily, resources galore, relevant stories, tips, etc. A veritable smorgasbord of marriage info.
  • Focus on the Family – a great resource for help in finding wise counsel for your marriage, and great parenting help.
  • Blog: Mike and Susan Dawson – Local couple that speak with knowledge and experience about relationship topics
  • Blog: Scott Kedersha – Marriage Pastor at Watermark Church in Dallas gives personal insights on being the best you and having your best possible marriage.
  • Blog: Fierce Marriage – Ryan and Selena Frederick talk about real life stuff of marriage.

Specifically for Men

  • Understanding Your Wife: For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women – by Shaunti Feldhahn and Jeff Feldhahn (Kindle / Hardcover)
  • Being a Better Husband: Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood – by Dennis Rainey (Kindle / Hardcover)
  • Being a Better Husband: Tender Warrior – by Stu Weber (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Leading Your Family: Point Man – by Steve Farrar (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Sexual Temptation/Lust/Pornography: Every Man’s Battle – by Steven Arterburn and Fred Stoeker (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Dealing with Your Past: The Blessing – by John Trent and Gary Smalley (Kindle / Paperback)

Specifically for Women

  • Understanding Your Husband: For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men – by Shaunti Feldhahn (Kindle / Hardcover)
  • Being a Better Wife: Sacred Influence – by Gary Thomas (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Being a Better Wife: The Excellent Wife – by Martha Peace (Kindle / Paperback)
  • Sexuality: Intimate Issues – by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus (Kindle / Paperback)