Q. How do we book the church for our wedding?

A. Contact Edie Sanders for availability and details about requirements for using the facility.

Q. If we aren’t members of RPC, can we have our wedding at the church facility?

A. All wedding bookings – whether members or non-members, are dependent on availability. There is a fee for facility use and a requirement for premarital counseling.

Q. If we want to have our wedding at RPC, but have arranged for premarital counseling elsewhere, will this qualify us to use the church facility?

A. Yes, as long as you can provide a certificate of completion for an approved program.

Q. Will an RPC pastor officiate our wedding if it is at a location other than RPC?

A. Possibly. Make your request early. You will still be required to complete premarital counseling if an RPC pastor is your officiant.

Q. How long is the premarital counseling?

A. Ideally, eight 1-1/2 hr. sessions. However, there is flexibility depending on the situation. To get the Twogether in Texas certificate and discount, you must have completed 8 hrs.

Q. What is the cost at RPC for premarital counseling?

A. The cost is $35/couple payable online to Prepare-Enrich for an online relationship assessment required prior to counseling.

Q. What is the curriculum for premarital counseling?

A. All couples must begin with and complete the Prepare-Enrich Online Assessment. The curriculum we use with first time marriages, is called Ready to Wed.  For remarriage counseling, we use the same Prepare-Enrich assessment as well as a combination of resources, that are helpful for basic marriage training, blending family challenges , and step-parenting.  

Q. How soon should we begin premarital counseling?

A. The sooner you begin, the better. Once the wedding date is within 2 months, it becomes very difficult to schedule sessions because the wedding preparations become priority. We recommend at least 6 months in advance if possible.