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Godly, Biblical, Healthy Sex

What does Godly, Biblical, Healthy Sex look like?  A Healthy Approach to Sexual Attraction – Debby Wade, Dr. Gary Barnes, and Bill Hendricks. Dallas Theological Seminary “the table” podcast.

Resources for Men or Women on the Topic of Pornography

The Porn Circuit  Covenant Eyes download

Your Brain on Porn  Covenant Eyes download

How Do I Know if I am Addicted to Porn?  Regeneration Recovery Org pdf

Sexual Addiction Screen Test  Pure Desire pdf

Addressing Pornography  re:generation pdf

Recovery Action Plan for the Spouse  Pure Desire pdf

Masturbation Addiction  Watermark re:generation pdf

5 Things Leaders Need to Know About Women Who Struggle with Porn Addiction Joy Pedrow podcast

Help for Women Addicted to Sex: 7 Key Topics Focus on the Family Resources

Resources for Parents

Parental Resources  Pure Desire Web Resources

A Parent’s Guide to Pornography  Axis Guide

A Parent’s Guide to Sexting  Axis Guide

Computer and Smart Phone Protection
Counseling for Men or Women / Support Groups

Biblically based 12-step discipleship for healing, recovery, and freedom from any type of struggle

ACT Solutions
Debby Wade
Location: Grapevine

Grapevine Counseling Center
Mark Strauss
Location: Grapevine

Truth Point Counseling
Belinda Shirk
Location: Grapevine

Greg Methvin
Location: Plano

Metroplex Counseling
Matt Sessoms
Location: Fort Worth

For Men
David Belloc
RockPointe Marriage Pastor

Brandon Graham
RockPointe Men’s Minister

For Women
Lauren Etter
RockPointe Women’s Minister