Every Sunday at 9:30a starting May 10.

Leviticus is certainly not the most popular book of Scripture. At first glance, it seems like just a long list of strange rituals and antiquated rules. But that’s far from the reality. When examined closely, Leviticus has as much meaning today as it did when first written. In fact, it may have even more significance to us because we have the advantage of hindsight. We’ve had thousands of years of history to enlighten us on the rationale behind those many rituals and rules. We have a responsibility to honor God, participate in the governmental process He instituted, obey His law, and strive to be “holy.” The book of Leviticus can teach us valuable lessons applicable to the world we live in today. It’s great to have you along for what’s hopefully going to be an interesting and informative discussion of this remarkable book.  Let’s learn how to build “One Nation Under God…”

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Founders Classroom 128 (RockPointe Church - Central)