Spiritual growth and personal development through one-on-one discipleship.

Our Men’s Mentoring program is a discipleship ministry at RockPointe Church that intentionally develops men to grow as Christ-centered leaders. The goal is that men will be sharpened to develop as Christ followers in every area of their lives so they may be equipped to lead well in their family, career, church, and community.

The support extended to men by a mentor is vital for this spiritual development to take place in one’s life. It is a place to be transparent and genuine about challenges and struggles without judgment but with healthy accountability toward the God-given calling for men to lead with service, humility, and integrity.

RPC Men's Mentoring

What is required?

Commitment to your own spiritual development.

A humble posture to learn and grow.

A willingness to apply the principles drawn from the mentoring relationship (expect transformation).

A 6-month commitment to a discipleship relationship.

Meet face-to-face a minimum of once a month.

Are you are interested in beginning a discipleship relationship?

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Get some fellowship with other Godly men in a bible study. 

Coffee Groups

Coffee Groups

Coffee Groups are the best way to stay connected and grow in your faith.



Spiritual growth and personal development through one-on-one discipleship