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I was an atheist for 35 years. I was passionate in my opposition to Christianity, and I enjoyed debating my Christian friends. I seldom found them to be prepared to defend what they believed. I became a Police Officer and eventually advanced to detective. Along the way, I developed a healthy respect for the role of evidence in discerning truth, and my profession gave me ample opportunity to press into practice what I learned about the nature and power of evidence. Throughout all of this, I remained an “angry atheist”, hostile to Christianity and largely dismissive of Christians.

But if I am honest with you, I’ll have to admit that I never took the time to examine the evidence for a Christian Worldview without the bias and presupposition of naturalism. I never gave the case for Christianity a fair shake. When I finally examined the evidence fairly, I found it difficult to deny, especially if I hoped to retain my respect for the way evidence is utilized to determine truth. I found the evidence for Christianity to be convincing.

I founded as a transparent resource that tracks my own spiritual journey. From angry atheist to skeptic, to believer, to seminarian, to pastor, to author and podcaster, my journey has been assisted by my experience as a Detective. I wrote Cold-Case Christianity with a desire to share those experiences with you. It’s my hope that my own efforts to detect and articulate the truth will help you to become a better Christian Case Maker.

J. Warner Wallace


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