Small Groups at RockPointe - You Belong


Small groups play a critical role in making the mission of RockPointe Church come to life.  We intentionally create environments that promote growth in relationship with God and others in a healthy, Biblical community.  Since we were inherently made to need others to help us live the Christian life, belonging is essential to discipleship.  Our small groups provide the opportunity to belong in meaningful, life giving relationships that challenge us to grow in our maturity in Christ and serve others in need.

Come and belong!


Lead Your Small Group

1. Attend Palooza


Attend our Small Group Kick-off Event SMALL GROUP PALOOZA where you can meet Small Group Leaders and sign up to be contacted by the leaders of open small groups. This is a great step in getting connected with others at RockPointe Church, and in growing in your relationship with God. Join us January, 2021..


2. Attend Taste of Community

A “Get Connected” event that provides you with the opportunity to meet others that are also looking for an RPC Small Group and start new groups with new leaders. Our next Taste of Community is scheduled for February, 2021 in our North Pointe Student Ministry area.


3. Search for a Group Online

Find a Group where you can search by day of week and time to find a small group. When you find one that looks like a good fit, feel free to contact the leader directly for more information.


4. We'd Love to Help!

Contact us directly and let’s speak about the type of group you are looking for and what day of the week is the most convenient for you to meet.


Need to Sign Up for Small Group Childcare?

1st & 3rd Sunday Childcare Sign Up

2nd & 4th Sunday Childcare Sign Up

What's a RockPointe Small Group?

A Rockpointe Small Group IS:

  • Concerned with application of God’s Word
  • A caring community
  • A set of friends that gathers regularly
  • Focused on spiritual development, accountability and ministry
  • Welcoming and inclusive

A Rockpointe Small Group IS NOT:

  • Just a cognitive study of the Bible or other material
  • Counseling or therapy
  • Just a meeting you attend
  • A social club
  • Static, exclusive or divisive

Small Groups Going Beyond

Going Beyond is an opportunity for small groups to be intentional about being the hands and feet of Jesus. By investing time, talents and resources, small groups can create positive change in the lives of people in need.

Being On Mission

At the beginning of each quarter, your Small Groups Ministry team will send out a reminder to consider selecting or creating an outreach opportunity for which to make an impact.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Take a look at these local mission opportunities that RockPointe Church supports.
  • Get creative! Identify a group, ministry, non-profit, or specific need within your community, or one that a member of your group supports/feels passionate about.

Consider the following:

  • Connect with the organization or leader to learn how your small group can serve them best. What is their greatest need at this time?
  • Have fun and prepare to see your group grow closer to one another as you ultimately grow closer to God.
  • Consider partnering with another small group to build community among your groups.
  • Share your experience to motivate, inspire and give glory to God!  Send pictures and stories to Mike and Mary Davis.

Finding a small group that is a good fit for you may take a few tries. That’s OK! Using the tool below you can search by day of week and time to find a small group that will work best for you. When you find one that looks like a good fit, feel free to contact the leader directly for more information. Contact Mike & Mary if you need assistance!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Small Group Leader here at RockPointe. Group life plays a vital role in our mission of loving God with all that we are while making more and better followers of Christ, as well as our vision to Receive, Equip, Impact, and Send. Leaders are called to love, lead, mentor, and encourage others to Christian maturity through community.

At Rockpointe, we have 2 roles of small group “leadership” that may be pursued – a Small Group H.O.S.T and Small Group Leader. If a person desires to be connected to biblical community quickly, the HOST role is the path to pursue.  If you have a couple of friends and have a heart for God and people, willing to open your home, serve a snack and turn on material we provide, then you can be a Small Group Host.

The Leader role is more expansive and requires a more formal application and interview process. Candidates for both roles should have a consistent relationship with God, a desire to be used by God to serve others, and a humble, teachable heart that receives instruction gladly.  We are NOT looking for perfect people; we ARE looking for people who know that spiritual maturity is a journey, and who are willing to help lead a few other people along the way.

To become a Small Group HOST, simple reach out to us and let us know of your desire.

If you would like to pursue becoming a Small Group Leader at Rockpointe, there are several more steps involved. Here is what the process looks like to become a Small Group Leader:

  • Pray about your desire to lead a small group. If you are a member of a small group, discuss it with your current group leader.
  • Complete the Small Group Leader Application.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the Small Group Ministry Director.
  • The Small Group Ministry Director will contact you to schedule a 30 to 60 minute interview to get to know you better, review your application, and answer any questions you may have.

If approved:

  • Work with the Small Group Ministry Director to learn more about your responsibilities as a group leader and contact prospective members for your new small group.

If you would like more information on becoming a small group leader or small group host at Rockpointe, please contact Mike and Mary Davis.