Fall Conference

RockPointe Students Fall Conference offers students an incredible weekend of worship, teaching and breakout lectures. Each large group session will point students to the hope they have in Jesus through worship and teaching. Students will also be able to register for multiple breakout sessions, covering a variety of topics that were chosen by our students.
Fall Conference - Called to a Greater Hope



*Please eat dinner beforehand*

6:00p – Arrive and Check-In

6:30p – Session 1

8:00p – Student Pick-Up


8:30a – Arrive and Check-In

9:00a – Session 2

10:15a – Breakout 1

11:30a – LUNCH

12:30p – Breakout 2

2:00p – Session 3


EVANGELISM – Learn how to craft your testimony, explore strategies to share your faith, and be encouraged to make evangelism a common practice in your life.

GOD’S WORK IN THE NATIONS – Hear how God is working around the globe and discover ways that you can be involved in missions.

GOD IN SPORTS – Be encouraged to use athleticism for the glory of God.

SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS – Learn daily practices that will help you encounter God in a powerful way.

MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD – Distinguish between the biblical mandates and cultural constructs of manhood and womanhood.

SEXUALITY TODAY – Have honest conversations about physical intimacy, pornography, and alternative lifestyles.

LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL – Hear from college-aged adults about a few of the different paths that you can take after high school.

GOD IN THE ARTS – Be encouraged to use creativity for the glory of God, whether it takes the form of music, paint, dance, or other mediums.

WORLDVIEW – See how either Frankenstein’s Monster or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde explain the way that you view the world.

Middle School

Middle School

RockPointe Students desires to partner with students and families through the adolescent years.

High School

High School

RockPointe Students shares the truth of Scripture to equip teenagers to impact the world.



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A class for students to learn about baptism or how to have a saving relationship with God.

Media & Resources

Media & Resources

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