Women’S Bible Studies

RPC’s Women’s Bible Studies are grounded in Biblical truth and vetted by our RPC WM’s staff. Our classes are intended for women of all experience levels, backgrounds, perspectives, format preferences, and time availability. Our goal is always to focus on what unites us (God’s Word) and rather than what divides us in a safe, welcoming environment.

We offer studies on Sunday mornings, midweek evenings, midweek mornings, and online anytime.

To access our online Bible study teaching sessions and other helpful tools and resources, check out our RPC WM YouTube channel and our Spotify show page.  Be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date on all the latest video and audio content from RPC WM.


For more information: women@rpcstaff.org 

LIFT: Ladies in Fellowship Together

Written/Taught by Bobbie Glaser

Our Sunday morning LIFT (Ladies in Fellowship Together) class provides women a year-round Bible class at RockPointe – Central Campus during the 9:15a service. Topics and lessons vary throughout the year. Ideal for women of all Bible study experience levels. 

No registration required. Contact Bobbie Glaser for more information.

This class is currently full.*

PLEASE JOIN THE WAITING LIST:  women@rpcstaff.org

*Any additions to the class will receive priority based on the date you email to request waiting list. RPC WM will email you if/when space opens up. 

Burning Hearts Bible Study

Taught by Ruth Brock & Karen McDonald

Do you have a growing hunger for God? Have you tasted of Jesus and Scripture and yet long for more? Do you want your heart to burn within you like the hearts of the men on the road to Emmaus as Jesus disclosed Himself? In fact, are you desperate for it? If the answer is “yes,” then come on this pilgrimage with us. A pilgrimage takes one to places never experienced and demands more of us than treading our usual routes. So, it is with Burning Hearts. 

We will read a small book chock-full of Scriptures [The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer] and study questions that will require much pondering, prayer, and gut-honest answers. While the reading requirements are intermediate, much heart-time is required. This study is recommended for those who already have some Bible study experience and desire to go the distance. Join us as we seek to increase our awareness of God’s presence and our recognition of His voice. 

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Class Details: 

  • RockPointe Church – Parker Square Campus
  • Mondays, 10:30a-12:30p
  • Begins September 13 (lasts 12 weeks)
  • Small group discussion
  • Ideal for women with more Bible study experience
  • Registration is for fall and spring semesters 

RUTH: The Story of an Outsider

Written/Taught by Kris Murphy

When was the last time you felt like an outsider?  

Maybe you’ve felt friendless, directionless, or hopeless. Or perhaps you’ve wondered if you even have a part to play in God’s big story.  

The Old Testament book of Ruth travels from Bethlehem and back laying out one of the most flawless love stories ever written. In just 85 verses we follow the journey of two outsiders, Naomi and Ruth. It’s a story of layers; it’s a story of anticipation. We’ll encounter a tapestry of relatable ruin such as: loss, abandonment, bitterness, grief, risk, and suffering. But we also experience the beautiful redemption story of newness, protection, mercy, and hope restored.  

Join us for this 11-session study of an extraordinary love story for every outsider. 

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Class Details: 

  • Central Campus:
    • Wednesdays, 10:30a-12:30p
    • Begins September 8 (lasts 11 weeks)
  • Parker Square Campus
    • Tuesdays, 6:30p – 8:30p
    • Begins September 7 (lasts 11 weeks)
  • Ideal for women new to Bible study or experienced
  • Large group in-person teaching and small group discussion
  • Teaching session videos available on YouTube and Spotify
  • $20 includes workbook
  • Childcare available

For more information: women@rpcstaff.org

Anxious for Nothing: A Journey through the Book of Philippians

Written/Taught by Rebecca Carrell

Paul’s little letter to the church at Philippi contains some of the richest promises in Scripture. We see themes of unity, freedom, and perseverance, all woven together with threads of joy. Above all, the apostle teaches us the secret to navigating life’s trials and hardships with courage and hope. Has the past year weighed you down or worn you out? Join us on a six-week journey through the book of Philippians.

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Class Details: 

  • RockPointe Church – Central Campus
  • Thursdays, 6:30-8:30p
  • Begins September 23, (lasts 6 weeks)
  • Ideal for women new to Bible study or experienced
  • Large group in-person teaching and small group discussion
  • $20 includes workbook
  • Childcare available

Spring 2022 Bible studies announced soon!

For more information: women@rpcstaff.org


Written/Taught by Kris Murphy

BSG is a 4-session video-led Bible study series. Each series includes an engaging, brief teaching to watch together on video that guides group conversation and meaningful reflection. Each group simply needs a “host” willing to pray for, communicate with, coordinate, and guide discussion with the other participants. No special skill or knowledge is required to start a BSG group.

BSG was created to provide access to reliable Biblical resources for anyone—regardless of limitations in your schedule, mobility, or experience level—wanting to explore faith and respond to the basics of Christianity.

For a limited time, you can access our BSG host packet, participant field guides, and video teaching sessions for no charge. Click the “Learn More” button to access. 

What We Leave

Workbooks available for purchase. 
For more information: women@rpcstaff.org

What We Leave || A Study of 4 Faith Legacies

written/taught by: Kris Murphy

Have you ever thought about your legacy?
How will your life leave a mark?
How do you want your story to be retold?

The Bible is full of rich legacies of faith. Each story has purpose and power that causes ripples in the lives of the generations that follow. In this 4-part study series you can examine the faith legacies of Joshua, Peter, Moses, and…you. Each 5-session WWL legacy workbook contains daily homework sections and notes pages for the weekly teaching sessions. Whether you’ve read the Bible for years or are opening it for the very first time, these studies will help you encounter God in a deeper way and discover what faith legacy He’s building in you to impact the next generation. What we leave matters.

Refresh & Restore Bible Study

For more information: women@rpcstaff.org

Refresh & Restore

Women’s Summer 2020 Study

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest.” Matthew 11:28 (MSG)

Jesus’ words resonate, don’t they? We all crave the R&R that can only be found in Him. This summer is your opportunity to refresh and restore while studying His Word. R&R is perfect for ANY women interested in studying the Bible; first-timers, experienced/familiar with the Bible, different church or
no church are all invited to join us for the online Bible study series.


An Online Bible Study Gathering

These five one-hour sessions are hosted by the RPC Women’s Ministry leadership team. Each session provides encouragement and equips you to study your Bible with just a Bible, paper, and a pen.


Workbooks available for purchase. 
For more information: women@rpcstaff.org

PSALMS: God Reveals, We Respond

We are all living a story.

Our individual stories travel through conflict and peace, whispers and shouts, pain and joy, speaking and singing. Where is He revealing Himself in the midst of your story? How can you respond to God in the ups and downs?

Join us on a journey through the Psalms: Old Testament wisdom literature penned by various authors spanning hundreds of years. The psalmists recognized God through the entirety of their stories… and they responded in poems, prayers, and songs, sometimes alone, sometimes in community.

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  • God reveals. Explore the background, examine the conditions and context, and experience how God reveals Himself to us through this collection of poems, prayers, and songs.
  • We respond. The Psalms are comprehensive and honest in all circumstances. Let them guide us in responding to God through the ebbs and flows of our lives today.

The two-part study of Psalms is available for individual study only. 


We are in the process of compiling past studies and recommended resources to study on your own. In the meantime, please use the following resources or email women@rpcstaff.org with any questions.

Recommended Bible Study/Devotional Resources

RightNow Media (www.rightnowmedia.org )
YouVersion (www.youversion.com)
The Bible Project (www.thebibleproject.com)
IF: Gathering (www.ifgathering.com)
Proverbs 31 Ministries (www.proverbs31.org)
Kris D. Murphy (www.krisdmurphy.com)
Engage Bible Studies (www.engagebiblestudies.com)
Melanie Newton (www.melanienewton.com)

Bible Studies

Bible Studies

In-person and online Bible studies for women of all experience levels, backgrounds, and perspectives rooted firmly in biblical truth.



Flourish is our discipleship ministry that intentionally develops friendships among women from different generations.

MIC Playgroups

MIC Playgroups

MIC Playgroups provide age-related playgroups/activities for local moms and their kids, ages birth through preschool.

She Serves

She Serves

She Serves is the serving hearts, hands, and feet of RPC’s Women’s Ministry. We help with church-wide events.

All Aboard

All Aboard

All Aboard is a ministry for women who have suffered the death of a spouse and are seeking community with others.



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