Conference rooms or coffee shops. Nursing homes or teachers’ lounges. Dorm rooms or living rooms. No matter where we spend our time, we all have something in common; we all need HOPE in the midst of our circumstances and situations.

Oftentimes our over-scheduled 24/7 lives don’t leave margin for attending Bible study classes or in-depth discussion groups. BibleStudyGo was created to provide access to reliable Biblical resources for anyone—regardless of limitations in your schedule, mobility, or even comfort-level—wanting to explore faith and respond to the basics of Christianity.

What is BibleStudyGo?

BSG is a series of sessions typically spanning 4-6 weeks that explore the Bible in an open, honest environment. Each series includes an engaging, brief teaching to watch together on video that encourages conversation and meaningful reflection.

No two BSG groups look exactly the same. But all BSG groups always share three primary keys: sharing hope, engaging with others, and responding to truth.

Each group simply needs a “host” willing to pray for, communicate to, coordinate with, and guide discussion with the other participants. No special skill or knowledge is required to start a BSG group. Each BSG “host” is provided with everything needed to get started:

• All teaching sessions via weblink
• Field guides to journal, answer questions or take notes
• BSG host training packet
• Access to prayer support, and leadership tips and tools

What’s holding you back from exploring the hope found in Jesus Christ? Now is the time to share hope, engage with others, and respond to truth.