Miracles-•-DoubtWhere’s your doubt? That might seem a strange question to ask. Most church-y people and church websites would instead ask, where’s your faith, aiming to determine whether it’s in Jesus or someone (or something!) else. But the fact of the matter is, we all have doubt. It’s those doubts that make the redemption and restoration Jesus provides in His miracles so important.

Doubt arises when we look at a problem and don’t see a solution. Or when we see a solution, but that solution seems impossible.

Jesus recognized John the Baptist as the greatest man of God. He was the forerunner to Jesus himself. But imprisoned for his faith, John the Baptist faced a moment of doubt. It was when Jesus performed a miracle of redemption that John’s doubts were put to rest.

Our doubt often causes us to look for a rescue – for the relief that we believe we’ll find by escaping the problem that exposed our doubt. But in week 2 of the Miracles series, Pastor Ron t explained the redemption God planned for us will always outweigh the perceived relief of simply escaping our struggle. As Christians, we don’t seem to struggle to believe that God will restore our losses in Heaven. But could it be that while we pray for, plead for, or bargain for relief from difficulties, challenges and unpleasant circumstances, God actually wants to redeem – right here on earth – those things we see as curses, for our good and His Glory? It’s what He did for a leper. And a Centurion. And many others throughout time. Listen to week 2 of our Miracles series, where Pastor Ron explains the role of faith, and doubt, and redemption and restoration in the miracles Jesus performed for the Leper and the Centurion.