Our partnership in the country of Belize through Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus is full of exciting opportunities for everyone! These missions include meeting medical, dental, construction, prayer, and evangelism needs.

We have great another great year of partnering with Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus in Belize in 2019!

The Belize Trip Manual provides more detailed information.


The Family Mission Trip to Belize is an incredible opportunity to serve alongside the local churches and schools, ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of children and families in the Stann Creek region of Belize. Join us and be a key part of educating, equipping and empowering.

This family mission trip is best suited for children kindergarten age and older.

Trip information will be posted as soon as the details are finalized for this trip.

Contact Missions with any questions.


Sunday, January 13 • Informational Meeting
11:15A in room 309A

BEFORE Sunday, March 3 • Deposit Due

Sunday, March 3 • Initial Payment Due
Please refer to Trip Cost for the appropriate family fee schedule.

Sunday, April 14 • Balance Due


Saturday, June 1 • Arrive in Belize City
Saturday, June 8 • Depart Belize City
Please review travel details for important flight information. Flights must be coordinated specifically to accommodate group travel from Belize City to Hopkins.

IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A MISSION TRIP WITH RPC, a full Mission Trip Application must be completed and approved PRIOR to making travel arrangements. Once you have submitted the application, we will be in contact with you within 48 business hours Monday-Friday.

Hopkins is a village on the coast of the Stann Creek District in Belize. Accommodations will be at a partner hotels.

Accommodations for families of 4 or less are in standard hotel rooms with two double beds and an in-suite bathroom.

Accommodation for families of 5 or more will be in a 2- bedroom suite with an in-suite bathroom.

Hotel rooms are assigned on an “as needed” basis and can (and likely will) change up to the day you arrive in Hopkins. We cannot guarantee specific accommodations for any particular family, but we do our best to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Hopkins has many of the amenities you would expect from a tourist destination. These are available to you at additional cost within walking distance of our partner hotel, and include:

  • Laundry service
  • Local massage
  • Grocery & souvenir shops

You are responsible for booking and paying for your own flights. Historically, prices for flights have ranged from $550 to $900 per person.

IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A MISSION TRIP WITH RPC, A Mission Trip Application must be completed PRIOR to purchasing plane tickets.

The recommended flights for this trip are:

American Airlines
Current ticket price: $626.00

Date: Saturday, June 1
Flight: 2451
Departs DALLAS (DFW), TX at 10:35a
Arrive BELIZE CITY (BZE) at 12:41p

Date: Saturday, June 8
Flight: 268
Departs BELIZE CITY (BZE) at 4:37p
Arrive DALLAS (DFW), TX at 8:40p

Additional flight options:

Southwest Airlines – Out of Dallas
Current ticket price: $634.13
•Two bags fly free 
•This is NOT a non-stop flight

Date: Saturday, June 1

Flight: 5239
Depart DALLAS (LOVE FIELD), TX (DAL)at 9:00a
Arrive HOUSTON (HOBBY), TX (HOU) at 10:10a

Flight: 837 (Change planes in Houston)
Depart HOUSTON (HOBBY), TX (HOU) at 11:15a
Arrive in BELIZE CITY, BZ (BZE) at 12:35p

Date: Saturday, June 8

Flight: 1023
Depart BELIZE CITY, BZ (BZE) on Southwest Airlines at 3:45p
Arrive in HOUSTON (HOBBY), TX (HOU) at 7:20p

Flight: 4194 (Change planes in Houston)
Depart HOUSTON (HOBBY), TX (HOU) at 10:00p
Arrive in DALLAS (LOVE FIELD), TX (DAL) at 11:05p

IMPORTANT: Transportation from Belize City to Hopkins is included in the cost of the trip provided you align with these flights. Should you choose to book other flights and are unable to take the provided transport, personal transfers to/from Hopkins can be arranged at your additional expense.


The price of your trip includes:

  • Room with en suite bathroom
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner while in Belize
  • Tips for hotel and restaurant staff
  • Transportation between BZE airport and the hotel and every activity all week
  • Drinking water during the day
  • Rest day excursion
  • Medical/repatriation insurance





























Due before 3.3.19








Due 3.3.19








Due 4.14.19

Prices for families of 4 or less are based on families sharing a single room (2 double beds) with in-suite bathroom.
Prices for families of 5 or 6 are based on families sharing a 2-bedroom suite with in-suite bathroom.


  • Passports
  • Immunizations
  • Spending money for souvenirs
  • Meals/food at the airports
  • Snacks and drinks purchased at hotel
  • Read through the Trip Handbook and PLEASE follow directions. This is a VITAL responsibility of your mission work!
  • Raise necessary funds and make deposits and balance payments on time. As a guideline, your trip organizer will have to pay trip deposits 90 days in advance and the full balance 45 days before arriving on the ground in Belize.
  • Apply for and receive your passport. You should plan on having your passport in hand 60 days before you travel.
  • Visit a Travel Clinic or doctor to acquire the necessary vaccinations and medications.
  • Attend all team meetings. We recommend one open general interest meeting 6-12 months out, then monthly team meetings, beginning 3 months prior to the trip.
  • Recruit prayer partners to pray daily for your trip. This is vital to your growth and effectiveness on the trip, but it is also an amazing tool to spread the message of missions in your circle of influence. There are creative ways to do this as a team. We will share resources with team leaders.
  • Purchase needed supplies and clothing.
  • Write out and practice your testimony/life story with others.
  • Pack using the list on the “WHAT TO PACK” tab.
  • Make 2 copies of your passport, bring one copy with you on your trip.
  • Leave emergency contact information, flight details and a copy of your passport with a family member.


  • Our desire and clothing philosophy is to dress in a manner at all times that does not distract from the message of Jesus Christ that we are trying to share.
  • Laundry facilities will likely not be available, so please pack accordingly.
  • We suggest bringing plenty of shirts and shorts/pants (at least 5 sets!), you most likely will need a change of clothes on many days because of the humidity and heat. Please also pack with the knowledge that the sun and temperature will be very hot.
  • Swimsuit (one-piece or tankini for women), hat or baseball cap, socks, undergarments, lightweight sleepwear, sunglasses, raincoat, light weight pants.
  • No low-cut shirts, tank tops, bikinis, short shorts or jewelry.
  • T-shirts need to be tucked in if shorts cannot be seen.
  • NEVER, NEVER, NEVER bring a new pair of shoes… they should always be broken in to prevent blisters! ALWAYS bring 2 pair of shoes as they can get wet!


Ministry Sites:

Men • Jeans, long pants, casual shorts or long athletic shorts, polo shirt or nice t-shirt, tennis shoes.
Women • Skirts, or Capri’s, or shorts with your team tee shirt, tennis shoes or closed toe shoes.


Men • Adult Worship Service- long pants and a collared shirt. Children’s Worship- Shorts and t-shirt.
Women • Adult Worship Service-Skirts that fall at the knee, lightweight pants or Capri’s and a shirt with more than a spaghetti strap. Dresses with more than a spaghetti strap.
Children’s Worship • Long shorts and t-shirt.


  • Most airlines are now charging for all baggage to Belize. Even though airlines are charging we ask that you pack efficiently for your family as we are expecting to utilize some of your luggage allowance to transport ministry supplies (we will tell you in advance what we will need for you to bring). For example, if you are a family of four pack two cases of clothes and keep two cases empty for supplies. Checked luggage should not exceed 50lbs per piece.
  • If you have frequent flyer status that allows you and your family to check more bags at no additional charge, please let us know. We can use that!
  • You are also allowed a small backpack plus a small bag as your carry-on. Fluids, creams and gels more than 3oz must be put in your checked bags. Keep all medications with you at all times!
  • Mark your suitcase, making them easy to spot at the airport. Remember to attach a luggage tag with your address information.
  • Stick with a partner in the airport, and have all flight information and contact information with you in case you get separated.
  • Pack lightly and efficiently. For example, don’t bring anything in your wallet or purse that isn’t necessary. Stuff your shoes with socks or underwear, and roll your clothes to save space, etc.
  • Bring travel-sized containers of things like shampoo and toothpaste.
  • Bring luggage with you that you won’t mind getting damaged. Older suitcases and duffel bags are suggested.
  • Carry one change of clothes and any essential items with you on the plane. If your luggage gets lost or delayed, you will have the necessary items with you as a carry-on.
  • Don’t bring knives, scissors, or other objects that could be used as weapons in your carry-on luggage.
  • Keep your passport and cash in a Zip lock baggie.
  • Bring spare Ziploc bags for food items, personal items, etc.
  • Leave enough room in your suitcase for souvenirs.
  • Bring a pillowcase to use as a laundry bag.
  • Bring clothes and other items that are used. Don’t wear your best stuff.
  • Don’t wear shoes or boots for the first time on the trip. Break them in beforehand to avoid blisters.
  • Come into the trip well rested and in good health! Get a good nights’ rest in the days leading up to the trip. Do not pull an all-nighter prior to the trip; you will not have the chance to catch up on sleep during the week. It is VERY important that you arrive well-rested and in good shape for both ministry and health reasons.
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary and emergency contact information with a family member or close friend at home.

Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus is a long term ministry on the ground. While there are some specific needs that arise from time to time, the list below represents the most constant needs within the ministry. Donated supplies are distributed to KK4J schools, based on need, as determined by the team on the ground.

  • Adventure Bible for Early Readers, NIrV hardback.
  • Jumbo “Fat” Pencils and Crayons – for preschoolers’ little hands!
  • Regular pencils and crayons
  • Children’s Scissors
  • Soccer balls, Volleyballs and Basketballs (deflated)
  • Sports ball pumps, needles
  • USB Thumb drives
  • Laptops (new or used – if it works, they can use it!)
  • Children’s Tylenol (liquid or chewable)
  • Children’s Vitamins
  • Heavy weight fabrics and other sewing supplies for sewing ministry.
  • White sheets (twin, double or queen), white towels & white washcloths

Every adult desiring to attend this trip must complete an application. Only one adult needs to include additional family members attending on their application.

IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A MISSION TRIP WITH RPC, a full Mission Trip Application must be completed and approved PRIOR to making travel arrangements. Once you have submitted the application, we will be in contact with you within 48 business hours Monday-Friday.


If you have been on a mission trip with RPC prior to this trip, please complete the abbreviated Mission Trip Application below.


Once your application has been received and approved, please complete the following forms and return them either via email or to the RPC office in an envelope marked MISSIONS.

Contact Randy if you have any questions

Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus offers quarterly opportunities for you to participate in their Medical Ministry through a mission trip. The 2019 trip dates are:


No. You do not need to be “medically trained” to serve with the Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus Medical Ministry. There is a need for people to serve with patients, pharmacy and logistical administration. Usually, half of the individuals serving have some type of medical background and the other half do not. This is a great opportunity!


Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, it is helpful when individuals from a vast array of medical disciplines participate – Podiatry, Dentistry, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, General Practice, to name a few.

2019 Trips:

  • JANUARY 23 – 27
  • APRIL 24 – 28
  • JULY 17 – 21
  • OCTOBER 23 – 27

Arrive on Wednesday afternoon and get organized for 3 full days to see patients! Your departure date will be on Sunday.

Each of these trips are coordinated directly through KK4J. Contact Todd to sign up!

Camp “Legacy” in Dangriga. The facility is equipped with air conditioning & hot water.

$650 + airfare* to Belize City. This includes all meals, local transportation from Belize City, and lodging.

*Participant is responsible for airfare between the US and Belize City. The arrival flight needs to arrive around noon or earlier; departure flight leaving late afternoon.