We invite you to join us in this wonderful opportunity to bless some very sweet Chin families in our community.

Because we did not receive any new families  this year, we will not be doing a “first Christmas basket”. Instead, we are asking families, small groups, neighbors to come together and purchase at least one item listed for each family member.

There are 35 families listed below, each linked to detailed information about the family. Take a look at each one and choose which family for whom you, your family, your small group, your neighbors are committing to purchase gifts and then secure your selection by filling out the brief registration form.

We hope you will be able to purchase and deliver but we understand this is a busy season. On the form you complete, you will indicate whether you are purchasing only or purchasing and delivering. If you are able to purchase and deliver, you will select a day and a time so we can schedule a translator.

Shop and have fun! All of these families listed are experiencing extreme hardship – single parents, one family income, illness/disability – while trying to navigate and learn a new country, culture, and language. Please know you are purchasing and delivering more than a few gifts, you are delivering hope and friendship.

Christmas parties begin December 3rd with dates and times through December 22nd. PLEASE SIGN UP SELECTING CHIN FAMILY, PARTY DATE AND TIME BY DECEMBER 1.

When you arrive with your wrapped gifts, your translator will assist you with introductions.

We encourage you to be prepared to read the story of Christ’s birth from Matthew 1:18-2:23 or Luke 2:1-20. The translator will be prepared to either have one of the family members read the same Jesus story in their language, or the translator will read the story so that you can hear the gospel proclaimed in their language. See what words you recognize!

Share the gifts you brought. Please be prepared to receive and accept a gift from the Chin family. The translator will invite the Chin family to sing to you one of their Christmas songs. In return, they would enjoy hearing Joy to the World or Away in the Manger in English. End by singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas. We will provide audio files for you to play on your phone to assist you in singing.

Last, but most important pray! The Chin truly are prayer warriors and they covet our prayers. In turn, the translator will have one of the family members pray for your group for the blessings that only God can give – faith, courage, health, provision.

Please call/text Brandi Miller – 214-808-3117.

Once you have selected your family and submitted your form, you will receive the details for the family you have chosen, a confirmation of delivery date and time as well as the audio files for the songs.