God is doing some amazing and miraculous things in Cuba and creating a movement of faith that is undeniable. You will not want to miss the opportunity to join RockPointe Church on mission in Cuba.

  • Elmeenia, a local woman, was delivered from Santeria last January. Now a house church meets in her home and her family is saved.
  • “Sparky” was baptized in April of 2015. He has started four (4) house churches and a youth ministry that serves 60-70 teens.
  • Worship leader was an alcoholic, hooked on drugs, sniffed gas to get high. He was suicidal. God met himon the night he had decided to end his life. He told Jesus he needed Him. He was saved and baptized. God said to him, “You will lead worship, eve thought you’ve never played an instrument before now.”
  • “I believe it is a privilege to serve the The King. We live in an area with very aggressive people. It is dangerous to be there. But those people need God. This year we have started two churches. People told me my bike would be stolen. It has not. God is fighting for us.” ~Church Planter
  • “There are many spiritual battles. We know that when the enemy’s activities increases, God is about to do great things.” ~Female Church Planter, in neighborhood saturated with Santeria
  • “We now have a church in every neighborhood of Holguin. Fifteen years ago, there were no evangelical churches in our city.” ~Johnny

Trip information and registration will be posted as soon as the details are finalized for this trip.