It’s exciting to begin 2019 by committing to PRAY, INVITE, INVEST! Whether you’re praying for the people who are literally NEXT DOOR to you, or other friends, neighbors, classmates, family members or co-workers, we know the heart of God is for everyone to come into fellowship with Him, and we know He often uses us to make that happen.

We want to provide you with tools such as, Art of Neighboring, and opportunities to help you become purposeful about praying for, investing in, and inviting others to know Christ.

We are doing this together — our RPC family is committing to loving the people NEXT DOOR. If you find yourself with a great story to share, tell us! If you find yourself unsure what to do next, ask us. If you find yourself discouraged or distracted, reach out to us. We want you to be part of what the Lord is doing right here in our midst in 2019. 


Next Door
by Ron Holton
What does "next door" really mean and what does it look like to share the Gospel next door? Join us as we launch into the new year committing to the ministry opportunity of praying, inviting and investing next door.
Circle of Influence
by Ron Holton
God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him - the Perfect Gift. As Christians, we have received this gift of eternal value that we must share with those He places in our lives.

NEXT DOOR is a ministry opportunity to reach those in your sphere of influence who don’t have a relationship with Jesus. Is this person next door to you in your neighborhood, do they sit next to you at work, is it an old friend you’ve known for years? Who are you committing to praying for this year?


There are several events at RPC we believe are your best opportunities to INVITE your friends to hear the gospel and BELIEVE Jesus is Lord, or choose to BELONG to our family at RPC.


Sharing the Gospel is the greatest investment you will ever make in another person’s life. As you seek opportunities to go next door – in your neighborhood, at work, your friendship circle – we want to provide you with tools and resources to help you INVEST along the way.