The 4 B's::Believe, Belong, Become, Beyond

The Discipleship Pathway

Helping every adult believer take their Next Step in following Christ

RockPointe’s desire for each adult believer is to become aware of and act upon your “next step” in your spiritual journey with Christ. The Discipleship Pathway is a simple strategy that will help you begin or continue on your journey to be a fully developed and productive follower of Christ by providing you with resources, guidance, encouragement, and accountability.


Helping the believer to embrace the truth of what God has said about every aspect of life for the purpose of life transformation.


Helping the believer to connect with members of the body for the purpose of spiritual development, accountability, and ministry.


Helping the believer to realize their potential in Christ in some area of life for the purpose of spiritual maturity.


•Ron's List of Resources

•RightNow Media

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Helping the believer to live beyond themselves through giving, ministry, and service for the purpose of extending God’s influence and kingdom throughout the world.

Disciple's Spiritual Assessment

Now that you have completed your Disciple’s Spiritual Assessment, you are just getting started! We believe that spiritual growth happens best in the context of relationships, so we ask each person to meet with their “RPC Biblical community group” and to devote at least one session to working through your results as a group. We realize that not everyone participates in a RPC Small Group, so we encourage you to meet and discuss within your Biblical community (for example, a Sunday morning Bible study group, a men’s coffee group, a women’s Table 2.4.6 group, etc.) If you do not participate in any form of Biblical community within RPC, we would like to encourage you to join a Small Group. In the meantime, please complete this spiritual exercise on your own or perhaps, with your spouse, or someone else in your spiritual community.


Print a copy of your survey responses that you received after taking the survey.


Read your responses under each of the 4B’s. (Believe, Belong, Become, go Beyond)


Complete the following:


Meet with your group to discuss each other’s results and share any notes or observations.


Commit to taking action on your Next Step and revisiting your progress on your Next Step in six months.