What is a Care Team?

Our Care Team is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to serving our congregation needs. Any prayer or needs that are requested are fulfilled through the work of this team.

How Does It Work?

We have three groups within our Care Team: Static, Dynamic, and Prayer.

  • STATIC: The static group is tailored towards people who have long-standing needs and requests. This team is for people who enjoy regular visits, a more scheduled list of tasks, and socializing on a weekly/bi-weekly basis with some of our member in need.
  • DYNAMIC: The dynamic group is tailored towards people who have sudden needs or requests. This team is for people who would prefer to be called upon when a need is suddenly present (visiting a person after a sudden hospital visit, calling a person with a sudden prayer request, etc.).
  • PRAYER: The prayer team will be designated for prayer only tasks. You will receive a prayer list once a week and be the prayer warriors of our church. There is also a section of this team that writes out prayer notes to those who have requested prayer. If you are interested in writing prayer notes, please contact Colleen Dobbs.

Training will be provided for all areas listed above.

If you would like more details about our Care Team, please contact us.

To be considered for this role please complete this form and you will be contacted when a decision is made.