Thanks for visiting the Publicity Requests page. This is where you can make different event, creative, print, catalog, video and web requests. Please pay careful attention to the important notes below before you make your request.


  • Make sure your event is in CCB prior to requesting publicity (all events must be put in CCB in its entirety for the new website tool).
  • Publicity requests require 3 weeks lead time from start of publicity.
  • Fill out this form completely, including all verbiage you would like used in your publicity.
  • If you need a promo table, remember to schedule that in CCB.  For Asana purposes, be mindful of dates of promo tables when requesting other materials.
Event Request

The Event Publicity Form should be used to request publicity and publicity materials for any event. Requests should be made a minimum of 3 weeks before you need items in hand. Be mindful of this timeline when making your separate request for promo tables in CCB, as you’ll likely want materials for use at your promo table.

Non-Event Request

The Creative Team Request (Non-Event) Form is for the development of new print materials or graphic design not associated with an event. Sample requests could be: business cards, brochures, printed name tags, posters, logo design, etc.

RPC Style Guide Guidelines: These guidelines are for anyone using an RPC account or sending out communications under an RPC name or email. The purpose of this style guide to create consistency across the board so we sound, look and feel like one voice.

RPC Name Tags: If you require a magnetic RPC name tag for yourself or ministry volunteers, please use this link.

Print-Only Request

Print Requests are for files and creative previously designed. This is ideal for reprints.

 Current RPC print day is Thursday morning.

Print requests must be submitted 5 business days prior to our printing days to ensure the correct supplies are on hand and we can get you in the printing queue.

Class Publicity Request

Anchor Class Form: Use the following form for Anchor Classes with an estimated attendance of over 60 people.

Video Request

RockPointe Video Playbook: To help us better help you, please ensure you are familiar with the RockPointe Video Playbook before submitting your request.

New Video Request: If you require a video to be shot or video production work to be done, please submit your request here. Please be aware of video turnaround times listed in the RockPointe Video Playbook.

Self Serve Video: If you are looking to make a video that doesn’t require the help of the production team, we’re happy to introduce the Self Serve Video request. Check out the video below for how to proceed.

Website Request

If you require assistance with the website only, please submit your request here.