Alex Crosby

Girls Minister

My Family:
My wonderful husband and I met through YoungLife and started dating in January 2018. We got married a few days short of a year later on December 29, 2018. He shows me more of God’s love every day and is the most intentional and caring person I know.

My Story:
I grew in good-ole Flower Mound, Texas. I had a loving and supportive family, although Christ was not a part of our household. By an overflow of grace, I came to know the Lord through my 7th-grade math teacher. She would meet with a few friends and I during the school week, and we would talk about life and study the Gospels together. It was during this time that I came to have a relationship with God.

I attended Texas A&M University and was given various leadership and ministry opportunities through organizations and my local church. I found my way back to Flower Mound and eventually to RockPointe Church.

Something Most People Don’t Know:
I love the outdoors. Hiking and camping are some of my favorite activities. I have a desire to visit as many National Parks as possible one day.

My Trademark Expression:
“We should hang out!”

Besides the Bible, my recommended reading would be:
Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves
Love Does by Bob Goff
Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen

I’m most excited about:
Being able to enter into the lives of students and walk alongside them as they learn to follow Christ and have their own faith.

My Favorite TV Shows:
The Office, documentaries, any type of medical show

In my free time I usually:
Have a heart to heart with a friend or cozy up with coffee, blankets, and a good book or movie. Or spend time with Austin.