Caitlyn Glass
Ministry Assistant

My Family:
I’m an 18 year old daughter to the coolest parents I could ever have. Like I mean THE coolest. And I’m a big sister to the funniest kid I know. If you listen closely you can hear him yelling “GIBBAYYY” in the distance.

My Story:
I’ve been at RockPointe since I was in diapers. The church has played a vital role in my walk with the Lord, discovering my passions and learning how to serve Him best. From the age of 9 I knew I loved missions. My family spent years going back and forth between living in Flower Mound and living in Belize. During the time I spent in Flower Mound, I volunteered in RockPointe’s student ministry. I’ve been involved as a leader since my freshman year of high school. This showed me my passion for students, as well as missions. When I graduated high school I moved to Kona, Hawaii for a 3 month discipleship training school through an organization called Youth With A Mission. After my time in Hawaii, I spent 3 months in Myanmar doing all kinds of outreach. Now that I am back home, I am so excited I have the opportunity to continue to pour into the ministry that spent so much time pouring into me.

Something Most People Don’t Know:
Surprise. I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like bacon.

My Trademark Expression:

Besides the Bible, my recommended reading would be:
Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

I’m most excited about:
Going back to Myanmar long term one day!

My favorite TV shows:
The Office and Friends

In my free time, I usually:
Go to the lake and hang out with my boyfriend, Reagan.