Cinnamon Dilts
Print Media & Content Manager

My Family:
I’ve been married to Rob since 1998. God brought us together in what seemed like a really random series of events, but it’s clear His hand and His grace was at work long before we knew what was happening, and they are still guiding us today. We have two amazing children here: Robbie is in college, and Ruby is in high school. Waiting for us in Heaven is Tommy, who would be the middle child if SIDS had not taken him from us when he was 2 months old.

My Story:
I grew up with parents who knew Jesus and knew about Jesus but taking us to church and guiding us in our faith wasn’t something they did early on. Through neighbors, I was able to go to VBS as a child, and through an enthusiastic outreach program, I was drawn into the student ministry at the local Baptist church (FBC Euless) when I was in junior high. It was the junior high and high school years when I learned about a saving relationship with Jesus and how to follow Him. The adults who poured into me and discipled me then become more and more heroic to me as I journey through life with a foundation of faith, and try to give my own children the same opportunity. The students from those years became some of my dearest friends and are people I still cherish today.

Things Most People Don’t Know:
I’m a pretty open book. I’m not sure there is much that people don’t know… I work full time as the Print Media & Content Manager at RPC and before that did a similar job at a local education non-profit. Before that, I was a stay at home mom for more than 10 years, but before that, I had a career in political communications, where I worked for some pretty amazing people. Most people probably don’t know in that stage of life I worked for Sonny Bono.

I’m Most Excited About:
The opportunity to help each of the ministries at RPC fulfill our mission: to make more and better followers of Christ.

My Favorite TV Shows:
Anything involving baking!