Reagan Crosby
Ministry Associate

My Family:
I have two awesome parents, John and Laurie, and two older siblings, my sister Kaylie who lives in Washington DC, and my brother Austin who works at RockPointe.

My Story:
I grew up in a Christian household, however after many years I realized that faith was something that had to be my own, not something I inherited. I don’t know exactly when I accepted Christ, but I can much more accurately point out the times He has been present and working in my life, and it’s those points that give me confidence in my faith in Jesus. I’ve struggled with addiction and pride (among many other things) but the Lord has shown me that He alone has the incredible power to completely change a man and his heart, and I am so thankful for what He’s done in my life and now the honor to tell others about it!

Something Most People Don’t Know:
I am a huge nerd when it comes to science and technology. I can (and will, don’t test me) talk for hours about it.

My Trademark Expression:
Business idea…

Besides the Bible, my recommended reading would be:
Radical by David Platt

I’m most excited about:
Getting to learn new skills in the production field all while getting to serve.

My favorite TV shows:
Spongebob, Avatar the Last Airbender, and The Office

In my free time, I usually:
Spend time with friends, play ultimate frisbee, and play videogames.