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Tyler Olin
Facilities Technician

About Your Family
My family has had a strong faith in Christ. My parents and younger sister to my aunt and uncle and cousins in Coppell.

What’s your story?
I grew up going to a church with my family in Saint Paul Minnesota where we were very active in. To my dad painting murals in the children worship area to holding bible groups at are house. We then moved to Texas in 2015 and stayed with my aunt in Coppell before finding a place to rent in Flower Mound. Starting highschool in a new state was a struggle at first but I then joined the ROTC program my sophomore year and was able to make friends and learn leadership and communication skills. But during 5 years in Texas I never really found a church I could call home in a way until rock point church opened up in Parker square directly across from are new house that we’ve been in for a year now. I’m so grateful for finding this church and how close it is. I pray and continue to meet new people and grow in god’s grace.

What’s something about you most people don’t know?
I worked in a record store called Mr Zeros when I was 9 years old.

What is your trademark expression?
I’ll always write (hey) on any card I sign

Besides the Bible, what is something you’d recommend someone to read?
Percy Jackson series

What are you most excited about?
Any kind of craft that I can do and then show people how to do as well

What do you like to watch on TV?
Comedy shows like psych, monk, big bang theory to supernatural.

What do you do in your free time?
Making things out of Paracord or playing my vr games on the Oculus quest 2