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Giving Incognito


When our time in the wilderness leaves us weary, it’s important to remember God’s promise. Fear makes the problems seem larger than the promises. But when we focus on loving God with all that we are, we find the faith to trust Him when He speaks.

Miracles • Faith

Miracles • Faith

Faith. What is faith for a Christian? In Mark 5, we see two different people, with very different stories, and very different faith. But for each of them, different as they are, it’s Jesus at the heart of their faith.

Miracles • Beyond Belief


We’re called to a life of faith – the Bible tells us that time and again. How do we get the kind of faith where we trust God beyond what we can prove in our own belief?

Miracles • Misplaced Faith


When our doubts are replaced by faith, we think we’re finally on the right track. And we could be if that faith is in the right person: Jesus. But not if we’ve misplaced that faith.