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There are many myths surrounding depression – that a Christian can’t experience it. But the Bible shows that sometimes, Christians do. Even good Christians.

True Religion


I believe in God, but I don’t consider myself religious. What is religion? Can you have a relationship with Jesus without religion?

Learning the Peace (and Power) of God


How do we always rejoice? When the report from the doctor isn’t what we hoped? When the job situation isn’t good? When our kids are making destructive choices? How do we rejoice when we don’t see anything positive in our circumstances?

The Choreography of God


Paul’s letter to the Philippians was written while he was in prison. Yet it’s considered his most joyful letter. Could you write a message of joy and thanks from prison?

The Call


Invitations are funny things. When invitations are given, we all want to be included, even if we don’t want to fulfill the responsibilities associated with the invitation. When we don’t receive an invitation, we wonder why we weren’t included.

Miracles • The Resurrection

Miracles • Resurrection

The greatest miracle of all is the one we celebrate each year on Easter, the resurrection. The resurrection proves Jesus is who He says He is. But how do we prove the resurrection?

Miracles • Courage

Miracles • Courage

Bravery. Courage. What are they? What does it mean to be brave? This world offers a variety of answers to those questions. And an array of motivators. Not all of them are honest, or wholesome.

Miracles • Faith

Miracles • Faith

Faith. What is faith for a Christian? In Mark 5, we see two different people, with very different stories, and very different faith. But for each of them, different as they are, it’s Jesus at the heart of their faith.

Miracles • Satan & Demons


The Bible tells us Satan is real, and that he’s a slanderer intent on leading us astray. Society says that evil doesn’t exist, that everyone has his or her own truth and choices. Which is correct?