Tips on Choosing a Bible Translation

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Today your Women’s Ministry team, led by Women’s Minister Dawn Leath, is bringing you some tips on choosing a Bible translation.

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive revolve around understanding and navigating all of the different translations of the Bible.

Which translation is best?

Which translation is easiest to understand?

Which translation does RPC recommend?*

All great questions…no simple answers.
Here is an article from that outlines and explains some of the most commonly used and known Bible translations.

So what if your budget and/or bookshelf can’t accommodate ALL of these translations? There are a variety of wonderful online resources and apps for you to check out.

Here are a few of our favorites: (also has an app) (also has an app) (also has an app) (free basic membership – also has an app)

* Pastor Ron preaches from the ESV version

Remember, the Bible is God’s Word to us and for us. It was created to be a useful tool in growing is in our Christ-likeness. The important thing is not getting bogged down in choosing the best or right option — that may vary for a lot of different reasons. The important thing is choosing the version you will read with a heart to understand and be transformed by the Author and His Word.