March 29, 2020
I Am Series – John 15:1, 5
Connor Torre – Student Ministry Associate Pastor

1. “Apart from me, you can do nothing.” This may sound harsh, are you encouraged by Jesus’ statement? Why or why not?

2. To abide in Christ is to be “plugged in” to Christ. In what ways do you see that you are plugged in? In what ways should you be plugged in?

3. How might God be calling us to change ourselves to be more like Christ? Do these changes seem like they might be impossible to make?

4. In the video, Connor talked about the purpose that we are each made for. What do you think your purpose is, and how can you use that to glorify God?

5. Jesus ends this passage by telling us that He wants His joy to be in us, and our joy to be found in Him. Have you experienced this joy? If not, what is keeping you from it?