September 20, 2020
Prophets – Elijah
Connor Torre – Student Ministry Associate Pastor

1. What is the difference between enjoying something and being devoted to it?

2. What we spend our time on shows what we are devoted to. What do you spend most of your time thinking about or doing? What are you devoted to?

3. Is it bad to enjoy the things in your life?

4. Is it bad to be devoted to the things in your life?

5. What if you put God first? Would it make the things you enjoy better or worse? How?

6. Are you defined by some of the things you do?

7. What if you let God define who you are? Would your life look different? Why/Why not?

8. This week, what is one aspect of your life that you can put God first and your own desires second?

9. When people see you or think about you, do they think that you follow God in your actions?

10. What is one thing you can do this week that can outwardly show others that you put God first in your life?