September 13, 2020
Stand Alone – Welcome Back
Austin Rhoades – Student Ministry Pastor

1. When was a time in your life that it appeared people only wanted something from you?

2. How did you feel when people were only wanting something from you?

3. One of the things we want for you is a personal pursuit of God. How would you describe someone who is personally pursuing God?

4. In what ways do you look similar and dissimilar to the person you just described?

5. What is one step you can take this week to pursue God?

6. Why do you think it is important to live in community with other people?

7. How does Christian community differ from common friendships?

8. How can you be more deeply connected to Christian community this fall?

9. What are a few things you are driven or motivated to do each week?

10. Where does this drive or motivation come from?

11. How would you compare your desire to make disciples?

12. What is one step you can take towards becoming a disciple-maker this week?