Thank you for joining us on our journey to open our second campus at 500 Parker Square. If you are interested in learning how you can serve at Parker Square, email

You can still commit to give to our Building Fund online or at worship services on Sunday! If you have questions, please contact Executive Pastor, Alan Michael.


Will there be Sunday morning programming for my preschool / grade school children?

We will offer full nursery, preschool and children’s class offerings during the Sunday worship service times.

How was the decision made to move forward with the Parker Square location?

We held a vote in services on May 12, 2019. Our church body voted overwhelmingly in favor (96%) of moving forward with the purchase of 500 Parker Square.

Do I have to attend one particular campus?

No! Many launch team volunteers can commit to help get the campus started; then identify, train & hand over their position to someone new to our church. But if you love it and want to keep serving, that’s great! We would ask that your attendance at Parker Square would mean that you are actively serving there, too.

Will Adult Discipleship be offered at Parker Square?

Soon after the campus launch we plan to expand Sunday classes for adults to include many at Parker Square.

Can I invite my unchurched friend or neighbor to Parker Square?

Yes! It is our hope that this new campus reaches many unchurched adults & families, and you will be a major part by personally inviting your friends.

Can my family still attend ______ class at the Central Campus (go between the two campuses)?

Sure, for a specialty class you’re welcome to go back to our Central campus. However, the changing nature of a campus launch may make going back-and-forth difficult on a regular basis. Your family should consider that committing to the Parker Square launch team will likely mean sacrificing regular attendance in your current Sunday programming, at least for a season.

What will Special Needs offerings be at Parker Square?

Some of the best Special Needs facilities at RockPointe will be at our Parker Square location! We will begin with Sunday morning classes as well as buddies for mainstreamed children.

If I commit to the launch team, does that mean I have to stay at Parker Square indefinitely?

There are definitely places for both short-term and long-term volunteers. If you are able to serve for only a short time (several weeks) at Parker Square, our goal for you would be to identify a replacement for yourself out of the new campus attendees, help train that new volunteer in conjunction with your team lead, and release that person to take your place to fulfill your commitment for campus launch.

How will you differentiate between the Parker Square Campus and the Central Campus?

When this new campus launches, we will still be one church at two locations. One thing that will be different will be the many new people we can reach with new space! Our hope is that Parker Square looks a lot like its neighbors, reaching young families, college students and unchurched of all ages & stages.

How can I be a part of the worship team?

The worship pastor can explain the qualifications and also set up an audition. For more info contact the worship ministry assistant, Hannah Pelton:

Who will be preaching / leading worship?

Our teaching pastors will rotate across two campuses just like they do today at the Central campus – Ron and Destin will be in heaviest rotation. Similarly, our worship pastor has responsibility for both campuses and will utilize our worship leaders to provide Parker Square with the same worship experience you love at RPC.

How many worship services will be offered at Parker Square?

We expect that we will quickly move to two Sunday morning services by the time we hold our public grand opening of the Parker Square location.

When will children and student ministry be offered on Wednesday evenings at Parker Square?

Children and Student programming will continue at the Central location through summer 2021. As we get closer to the soft launch of Parker Square, we will have more information about additional program offerings later in 2021.

Do I have to quit my small group if I change campuses?

No! Once you find community, you can continue in that group. As we reach new attendees at Parker Square we anticipate starting many more groups.

May I volunteer at both campuses? (for example, be a greeter or usher every other month on each campus?

Sure, if you are committing to help serve as we launch the Parker Square location, we welcome you as a VIP volunteer for a season! However, the changing nature of a campus launch may make this difficult on a regular basis. Our goal for you would be to identify a replacement for yourself at a campus, help train that new volunteer in conjunction with your team lead, and ultimately settle back at one campus.

Are we going to open PS up for public use? (Boy Scouts and Classical Conversations were the two brought up)

There will be no rental (public use) the first several months as we first prioritize making more and better followers of Christ through the ministries of RPC. Future rentals will be considered according to the existing facility rental policies.

What will be going on Monday through Saturday at PS?

We use our current campus every day of the week! As we get closer to the soft launch of Sundays at Parker Square, we will have more information about additional weekday program offerings later in 2021.